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Sister Angelica, Brothers Daniel & Gabriel

Sister Angelica’s Testimony:

I find it so amazing that God in His amazing mercy and grace gives us opportunity after opportunity to fully surrender to Him. Prior to camp I was at a place in my life where I just didn't care anymore--basically on the brink of going off the deep end. I was going to camp knowing that God would speak, but I wasn't expecting myself to respond in a positive way at all. However, the first service was all about God's love, and for me, as soon as I hear about the love of God, I picture Him dying on the cross beaten and broken, and knowing that He endured the pain for me. That’s all it takes to make me fall in love with Him again. Picturing Him hanging there, and knowing that turning my back on Him now would be the same as crucifying Him; I just can't walk away. So after the first service I was completely receptive and desiring to hear more of the Word.

On the Friday evening at camp, I went up to the altar to pray. My prayer was that God would teach me how to fully surrender my life to Him, and that He would cut out the things in my life that weren't of Him. Brother Diggs came to pray with me and he prayed that the Lord would teach me how to fully surrender to Him, and that was all the confirmation I needed to know that my prayer had been answered, and I was changed.

When I got back to my seat I continued to pray for my two brothers and my sister who were at camp with me because I knew that we had all been struggling. When I looked up, I saw that God was dealing with each one of them individually. I was so thankful that the Lord answered all my prayers and showed me that He really does hear us when we pray, and that when we ask anything in His name believing, that it will be given to us. So I continue to believe for my oldest brother, other loved ones, and friends who aren't serving God, because I know that He can do for them what He's done for me.

Brother Daniel’s Testimony:

Dan F
In the weeks and months preceding camp, my Christian walk had become cold and stale, and I hadn’t been feeding on the Word and very rarely would read my Bible or pray. My joy and my love for the Word of God were being swallowed up with the pleasures of this flesh and the foolishness of this life.

By the time camp came around, I was almost numb to the moving of the Holy Spirit and settling back into my old life. I was not going to attend camp, because I had plans for that weekend and didn’t want my plans “ruined” by having to go to camp. I decided to go only because I thought it would probably look bad if I didn’t show up. So I went to camp, telling myself that I wasn’t going to let myself be affected by the atmosphere and the services and planned on giving up on church. I was going to go out into the world and live my life the way my flesh wanted, but God had a different agenda.

As the services progressed, God began dealing with me in a very intense and personal way. The Word is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart, and in my case it was doing just that. Things I had been holding onto and things I had let myself be caught up in were being exposed. I felt naked in God’s Presence. There was nothing I could hide. Sitting in that first service I felt unclean, dirty, as Brother Kidri spoke about God’s love. I felt unclean also because as I looked around the room I saw people I had grown up with, drinking the Word in, accepting it, and letting it take them to higher heights and deeper depths. In the bottom of my soul, the seed of God began to cry out for exactly that. I wanted that! I wanted God in my life to reign supreme and have dominion and pre-eminence! That’s as far as it went. My flesh was relieved, the service ended and I went to my room wondering what I would have to fight against the next service.

After Friday night’s service, I almost let myself stay in my condition, but once again that Seed of God within me cried out for Him and I had no control. I had to go to the front and ask for forgiveness and mercy. I cried out for overcoming power and for God to take me back and be in control of my life. After all that, I still left the service with things hanging onto me; things I left in the dark corners of my house, but Saturday morning came and we were commissioned to sweep the corners of our houses so that God may dwell within. We were commissioned also to “Search For It and Redeem It”. I knew exactly what I needed to search for. I have never been able in my own abilities to completely surrender and yield myself completely to the Will of God.

Saturday night, God came down and confirmed His Word, His Life, His Token; He revealed Himself. God Himself came down and communed with us. His presence was so real and so tangible It left me with wanting more and more and more! Pour it down Lord!!! That night I fully yielded myself to God and completely surrendered my life to Christ. I came to the realization, the absolute assurance that there is nothing in this world that can satisfy, that can fill, compared to that Presence. There’s nothing in this world that is worth anything compared to that Presence. All I want to do is bask in It and have my life be a love offering to Him so that His presence, His life may be in me so I may reflect Jesus Christ to anyone and everyone!

Since camp, God has given me confirmation after confirmation, sealing His Word in my heart, revealing Himself to me in such a powerful way through His Word and through the services at church. I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for extending His hand of mercy to me once again and thank Him for the work He has continued in my life, in my family, and in the lives of the young people.

Let us press on toward the prize, ever steadfast and trusting in Him who is faithful in all things. Camp now is history, we must go on with the faith God has given us and be tools in His hand to write our own book of Acts.
God Bless you,

Brother Gabriel’s Testimony:

Two years ago, when Brother Danny Steman spoke at our Winter Camp, God used him in a supernatural way to speak exactly what I needed to hear. It was at that camp where I made my decision to forsake the world and follow Christ unreservedly. The following year was one of victories in my life as God continued to make Himself real to me.

The next Winter Camp was the first one held by Brother Diggs. I had never experienced anything like it. Before the Saturday night service my brother, Daniel, Brother Ben Dingwall, Brother Sam Rae, Brother Caleb Grunert and myself were speaking of different people we were burdened for. As we continued talking, Brother Ben suggested that we pray for them. As we began praying, the Holy Spirit fell in the room and we began crying out to God claiming those who we had been burdened for. We were so caught up in prayer we couldn’t even hear ourselves; it was like one voice calling out to God. After that experience, no one could tell me God wasn’t real, for I felt His nearness like never before.
However, much to my regret, during the months that followed, I began to slack in my spiritual walk. I had not been feeding as much as I used to, which opened the doors for other things to creep back into my life. I began hanging out with friends from school, reminiscing of times past, allowing the Devil to plant seeds in my mind of desires contrary to the Word. Before I knew it I had succumbed to his antics and was back being the person I thought had died a long time ago. Nevertheless, I kept attending church, knowing that it’s in the House of Deliverance I would find my true love once again, which brings me to this past camp.

I approached this winter camp not knowing what to expect, not knowing if God would do something for me, or if I would continue in my “false conception of pleasure”. Thursday night came along and I sat there like a bump on a log, listening, but not getting into it. Then Friday came, and the title alone was enough to send me to the altar. It became obvious to me by the life I was living I was standing on The Thin Line Between Mercy and Judgement. God had caught my attention once again, and I found myself repenting and surrendering myself at the altar. But God was not finished yet. I was foolish to think that this year would be anything short of last year.

Saturday morning Brother Diggs took the text, A False Conception Of Pleasure. I was thankful to know God was confirming His Word to me by showing me what He had delivered me from. Furthermore, God decided to pour out His Spirit upon His children, solidifying the work He had been doing in us. “And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and spake the Word of God with boldness,” Acts 4:31. This was the very scripture that I first read after the experience from the previous camp, it had been made real to me more so than before.

I am so thankful for what God did for me and the young people as a whole at camp. Words cannot express how truly thankful I am, first to God, then to my parents who never cease to hold me before His throne in prayer, to the ministry for their vision and undying dedication, to everyone that is involved in the preparation of camp, and to all of those whom have prayed for me. What God has so evidently done for me, I know He can do for anyone else who was in my situation. Therefore, I am prepared to continue in prayer for those who God is still dealing with and those who are still out in the world.

In the message, The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit, Brother Branham speaks of when Jesus said, “’All the Father has given Me will come to Me. And no man can come except my Father draws him. All that come to me, I’ll give them Eternal Life, and raise him up at the last day. There’s none of them lost. I lose nothing, ‘cause no man can pluck them out of my Father’s hand, Who gave them to Me.’ Oh, my! Whew! St John 5:24, ‘He that heareth My Words and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Eternal Life, and shall never come to the judgement, but has passed from death unto life.’”

So let us bind our hearts together and continue to fight for those who are bound!
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