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Gabriel E & Joseph G Camp Testimonies

Gabriel’s Camp Testimony

Before camp I used to have some sort of pain in my knees when I participated in sports. But on the Saturday of camp, I prayed for my knees and I haven’t had pain in my knees since then. This is another testimony. The morning after camp, the devil gave me a runny nose so I prayed and after I prayed, the devil told me, “You’re still not healed.” Then I said, “Faith don’t wait till the physical body manifests it,” and by the time afternoon came, I was healed.

Gabriel E.

Joseph’s Camp Testimony

I came into camp expecting the Great as usual, and God went beyond my expectations. I just want to thank God for the healing of my shoulder, because whenever I did something that pleased God, it started aching. The service on Saturday night, I prayed within myself for the Devil to get off my shoulder, he didn't belong there. The Devil got off my shoulder in less than ten minutes, and I thank God for that.

I want to thank all of the people who helped to make the camp possible, the helpers in the kitchen, the sound people, the preachers, the counselors, and all of them. May God bless them richly.

Brother Danny Stemen and Brother Aaron McGeary's services constantly overlapped each other. Brother Danny spoke on Anointed To Receive and Brother Aaron spoke on Only Believe.
You have to believe to receive, and if you've received, you have believed. Brother Aaron's Only Believe series really increased my faith.

Saturday night when we were all in our cabins, Brother Matthew Redel had a devotion with us and we all locked arms and prayed with each other. It was awesome to see that you are not the only one that is serving God; it was nice to hear all of my peers' testimonies.

All the counselors said something and they all helped me. But one thing that stood out to me was what Brother Murphy said to not be just a good boy, because a good boy is a dangerous boy. A good boy can use that just as a covering for himself. He said you should try to have a spark; it doesn't matter how bad you've been but just a spark can change your life in a meeting. Also, I thank God that two of my cabin members were baptized, Isaiah and Karim.

Overall at camp, God refilled my cup, and energized me to spend more time with Him every day, and to dig into His Word, and serve Him with everything we've got. Again, I want to thank God for working in so many lives and changing people, healing people, and filling people. Also, I want to thank everyone who worked to make the camp possible, Brother Michael Rae, Brother Derek Peris, and all of the workers.

God bless you all,

Joseph G.

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