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Brother Daniel’s Camp Testimony

Hello Everybody,

My name is Daniel Kihangu. I would like to share briefly what experience I had at the Summer Camp. Of course, as a Christian we are supposed to have an experience every single day of life, but sometimes God has days where He deals with us in a particular way.

This camp for me was one, because I truly see God moving in particular way in my life by filling my heart with much love for Him and for His Word.

First, I saw how the Word was in such harmony and everything was working perfectly according to what God was dealing with me recently. I was struggling to understand why sometimes we fail on the same thing, the same mistakes in our life over and over. Also what is the main cause of weakness in our Christian life? What causes us to fail? Or even as the prophet preaches, "How can I overcome?"

Many times I have come to a point where the Devil would show me my failure, the things that I promised God not to do or any mistake in my life, and try to prove to me that there is something wrong in my Christian walk. I sincerely came to a point where I tended to believe that I was the worst Christian ever on earth. But thank God, my answer was given at the camp. 

I was able to understand that Satan doesn’t really deal with our Christian life but the connection we have with God. What Satan wants to break is that connection with the Word, this sincere relationship with the Lord. And the only way to keep it constant is by a consecrated and dedicated life with God, which is the key to overcoming the Devil: Knowing who we are and keep that connection permanent for the rest of life. 

I pray God to help me now live my life for the rest of days on earth.

I also would like to thank all the parents, ministers, and anyone who contributed for the camp. I really believe that the Lord God almighty will bless you for all your works and efforts for His work.

May God bless you all,

Brother Daniel Kihangu
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