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Sister Michelle, Brothers Josh & Andrew

Brother Andrew:

On Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 I had an amazing experience in church and went up to be prayed for by Bro. John Andes. I told him I was tired of being a Christian at church but not at home. I noticed some definite changes in my life, but still had some things hanging on. Then, at camp on Friday night, the Lord spoke to me in a few different ways, but it was very direct and in ways I couldn’t even imagine. After that, I was COMPLETELY FREE! Then, Saturday night was something else completely!!! It was the first time I had ever prayed and felt spirits warring against one another and knowing that there was nothing that could stand in the way of a move of God! It was certainly the most amazing thing I have ever experienced! I just wanted to thank the Lord for coming down in such a special way!!!

God Bless You all!

Sister Michelle:

First of all, I went to the two prayer meetings right before camp. I prayed for different specific things, one of which was answered directly the following Sunday. That really increased my faith by that happening because it really was a Supernatural thing; I just can't share the full specifics of it.

Then camp came…I had three specific things on my heart.

I wanted my full joy back; I had lost my joy through several trials I had been through over this last year. I have questions about my future husband; Who, if he's here, how will I know who is the right one, etc. My job; I had received a job offer and need direction regarding it. Brother Kidri hit in a row, “your joy, your spouse, and your job.” He said to put it in the Lord's hands and stop worrying about it.

We had specific conversations in our cabin amongst ourselves, and every night Brother Kidri came and spoke about everything we had been discussing, as if he were in the room with us.

During one of the services, I went up to pray at the front. I was silently praying, desiring the Lord to make me a woman of character, that He would give me the Fruits of the Spirit, that my co-workers would see God in me, and that He would take away my temper. After a while, I asked the Lord out loud, "Am I just praying to a brick wall? Or do you actually hear what I'm saying?" Right after that, while I was praying some more, Sister Elisabeth Naber came up to pray with me and said all that I had just said to the Lord, except for the temper part. Shortly after she left, Sister Margaret Florent came up and prayed exactly the same thing that Sister Elisabeth and I had both just prayed. Neither of them knew what I was praying in my heart.

I am at peace about everything, and God has given me back my joy in FULL!!!!!!!!

I thank the Lord, the ministry here, and Brother Kidri for “taking off the safety” on his gun, and waiting on the Lord for exactly what I needed to hear!!!

God Bless you.

Brother Josh:

Hello Saints. I have a testimony I would like to share. On Friday night I had been in my cabin listening to some rap music before the service on my MP3 player.

I then went to the service and about half-way through, Brother Diggs came down my aisle. I saw him look at me then he turned around, and a few seconds later named off all of the music I had just been listening to in my cabin prior to the service, in the very order I had listened to them. I could not believe what had just happened.

I knew that was just for me!! So, directly after the service, I went to the cabin and deleted all my worldly music. I just want to thank the Lord for all His mercies!!!!!

And thank you everyone for your prayers. God bless!!

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