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Brother Joel's Testimony

Joel, Ben and Tim
On January 28, 2011, there were mass sightings of a strange light over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. At around the same time here, give or take a day, I was driving home from work. It was dark out, and the skies were clear. All of a sudden, a bright ball of fire about the size of a small car and about a hundred feet up, shot over my car and then vanished before my eyes. Shocked and amazed I tried looking all around to see where it went but I couldn’t find it. All I know is that it wasn’t a plane and it wasn’t a meteor. The only thing logical that I could think of was maybe a UFO.

Days later, not really thinking about my own experience, my parents called me upstairs to see a video of a strange light hovering over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, which I had not yet heard about. I was in awe because Brother Branham spoke of investigating angels and there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that that’s what the light was, especially when the news anchor said, “They believe it to be the Hebrew God, Elohim.”
The next day, I told relatives about it and they concurred that they are signs of the times and that when those things show up, something big always happens. A little later that day at work, the memory of my own experience popped back into my head, and when it did, my jaw must have hit the floor. I couldn’t describe what I saw as anything other than the exact same bright light that was seen over the Dome of the Rock, and being a backslidden believer, I knew it was God showing me that He is real and He is here with us. Since big things always happen around a sighting of one of these angels, I was in expectation and I felt a tug from God.

When Winter Camp came around I hardly knew it was happening. I was just living the life that I had been living for the past three years in the world. I heard little tidbits of what God was doing up at the camp but didn’t pay much attention to it. As a matter of fact, I was partying the weekend of the meetings. Alcohol, dirty music and everything else that comes with the world was all part of my weekends, but drugs were part of my daily life. I had to have them. I had tried to quit by myself but I was always right back to it the next day.

Come the Monday after camp, my cousin told me all about the meetings and went over some of the subjects that the minster had taken up. He told me that there’s never been such a moving of God at a camp meeting with such a powerful effect. Both Monday and Tuesday I had run out of drugs but was craving and needed them. It was hard to sleep without them but I toughed it out. On the other hand, I had barely realized that I had turned my music channel from a hip hop station to a Christian station and didn’t have the urge to turn it back.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011, when I got to work, it felt like a normal day. My boss was in the office talking to another employee and when I went in to start working, something came over me. I had to get down and pray. I prayed for myself, my friends that are also backslidden and pretty much everyone I could think of. It had been a long time since I had prayed and it felt good. I then got up and proceeded to work again. Just as I did, a cold, evil spirit came over me as if to say, “Why are you praying for others when you yourself are a complete sinner?” I felt doomed, I felt like I was going to hell any minute. So I got down and prayed again. This time I prayed as if to beg for my life, and when I got up, the cold spirit left and the rest of the day was the best day I’ve had at work in a while. During the day the thought of maybe going to church dawned on me, but it would interfere with my gym routine so I didn’t think on it too much.

Wednesday night when I got home, I cleaned myself up and went to my room. When I got there, the thought of church dawned on me once again and immediately the thought of the gym tried to take over. That’s when the battle started inside my head, so strong that I had to sit down on my bed. I was as still as a rock, nothing else was going on inside my head, no other thoughts. The ‘white dog’ and the ‘black dog’ were battling it out and I didn’t know what to do. Then, it was as if a thin line was drawn right in front of my face. On one side I saw that the choice that would lead me on a path to hell. It was dark and made the hairs on my neck stand up. On the other, I saw eternal life, full of warmth and hope. This felt like God was giving me one last chance, but I had to make the choice myself. My mom called me to dinner and I snapped out of it. I ate, and with little hesitation, dressed to go to church. I didn’t rush; I took my time and made my way there almost in disbelief of what I was doing.

When I entered the doors of the church, Brother Tim Andes was praying. At the time, I didn’t recognize whose voice it was, but they were on fire, and one of the first things I heard him say was, “There’s someone that still needs a touch from the Master, maybe it was someone that missed the meetings. God, would You go to them…that they would not accept judgment. Maybe they rejected you…”

That’s when I said to myself, “Wow, well that’s me.”

Then he prayed on, “The drugs don’t last, the alcohol don’t last…” It was a confirmation of God speaking to me that this is exactly where I was supposed to be right then.

After this, I went upstairs to the balcony and sat beside my dad and felt uplifted and at home in the Presence of God. During the testimony service, Brother Ben Dingwall walked up and gave his testimony and of how he was delivered from drugs and alcohol. I prayed in my heart, “God, will you do for me what you did for Ben?”

Since that Wednesday night I’ve had the drugs and the alcohol right in front of me and have had absolutely no desire for it whatsoever. The music dropped away and my desire for the things of the world has left. My shame of being a Christian is completely gone. I give testimony whenever I can now. My desire for God is increasing more and more, hourly it seems. My prayer life is stronger than it’s ever been; I read God’s Word daily and listen to Brother Branham to and from work. I’ve never been so happy in my entire life. God gave me complete deliverance when I least expected it and turned my life around. After seeing that bright light with my own eyes, I was in expectation for something big to happen, but the last thing I expected was for something to happen to me. I’ve been changed, I’ve been reborn, all my life has been rearranged.

Eternal life is the best birthday present I could ever ask for and I thank God!

There are still many others out there. My friends, don’t stop praying; believe that all things are possible. May I be a testimony of the life-changing power of God. He is real; He is here now, beside you. Feel His Presence and be assured that those ones that still need Him have the Still Small Voice ever whispering in their ear.

God bless.

Brother Joel W.
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