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Karen’s Summer Camp Testimony

Well, my testimony from camp? It starts before camp, really. I'm sorry if it's scattered...

The Devil really tried to keep me from my blessing at camp. He had been fighting me for weeks before camp, trying to make me doubt my experience and my relationship with the Lord. I knew that I had been filled with the Holy Ghost, but of course the Devil was going to do his best to make me doubt it. I felt like "the weakest Christian." I would look around and see different ones falling away, going astray, and the Devil would always be right there saying, "Oh, look at them. You thought they were Christians and now look at them. You'll end up the same way. What's the use of even serving God?" I knew better, but I became very, very discouraged. It wasn't until Brother Danny started preaching (at home, a couple weeks before camp) about Rebekah and her calling that I was really able to overcome those thoughts. It was like God was speaking through him, directly to me, reassuring me of His guiding hand in my life.

I began to be in prayer for the meetings. I tried to be more in prayer, more in the Word. I would get home from our church service on Wednesdays just in time to live stream the Cloverdale service. On Sundays, I would watch the morning service as soon as we got home from our evening service. I wanted to do everything possible to prepare myself for camp. I knew God was going to move in a mighty way and I wanted to come ready.

From the first service, my expectations were exceeded. Every service, my expectation grew for the next service and every service was more than I expected. In the first service on Thursday night, the Presence of the Holy Ghost was so powerful, so real to me. Even throughout the song service; I can't even explain what I felt. It was so incredible and amazing, and every service it was even more than the last.

Even the general atmosphere all throughout camp was incredible. It was just an awesome time to get away from all the filthiness and the perverseness of the world and be saturated with the Spirit of the Lord.

My testimony from camp was may not be one that would be considered big or exciting to some, but I believe I received a refilling of the Holy Ghost. I feel so renewed in my spirit. It was such an encouragement to me to see so many young people serving the Lord, on fire for God.

So, young people, I beg you to stay in the Word and put on the whole armor of God. We're in this fight together! Keep pressing on! And remember...We are fighting a defeated enemy.

Karen Jasik from Florida
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