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Hands Are Healed

For years, my hands (especially my thumbs) have given me pain when I make certain movements. The last four months they have gotten progressively worse so that I had to take pain relievers to get me through the day. My family would pray because they were the ones that saw me suffer and use ice packs, etc. I didn’t mention it to anyone else; I just kept waiting and doing what I had to do.
Jessica, my daughter, had a burden for me, and requested prayer for me. She told me afterwards they prayed for me at the prayer meeting. That encouraged me so much. Before Winter Camp my hands felt great! No pain relievers, etc. now! I would say they’re 90% whole, on their way to 100% healed.
I thank God for His grace. He cares for those things maybe we don’t feel are big enough to ask for. When maybe we don’t have faith ourselves, God answers the burden of someone else’s heart for you.

Sister Starr Caldwell
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