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Brothers Joseph, Elie, & Sister Sharon

Brother Joseph’s Testimony:

It was on Friday night at Camp, I went up to the altar and I was praying, but for some unknown reason my ankle started hurting really bad. I kept on trying to pray but I couldn't because of the pain. So I just said, "Devil, I know that's just you trying to distract me, so I cast you out in the Name of Jesus Christ," and about two minutes later, the pain was totally gone. I just want to thank the Lord for that because in the earlier prayer meetings I was praying for faith and I believe God answered my prayers.

God bless you

Brother Elie’s Testimony:

My name is Elie and I have been raised up in a good Christian family with Christian parents. The Devil slowly started creeping in with music that was toeing the line, and some suggestive pictures. I was listening to wrong music and watching some bad stuff. Thursday night of Bibleway Camp I didn’t pay close attention but I did catch, “What would your wages be?” I thought a lot about that and realized my “wages” would be very low.

Friday night Brother Diggs talked about the The Thin Line Between Mercy And Judgement. At the end of the service, I couldn’t control myself and started crying. Brother John Andes asked if anyone wanted to come down to the altar and I went. I started praying and I felt like I was a completely different person.

Saturday night, Brother Kidri Diggs had to stop preaching as we entered into the service and everyone was praying and praising God for what He did for us. That night I felt like it confirmed what I had felt the night before. I am a completely changed person and I don’t do all the bad stuff I used to do.

Praise be to God!!!!

Sister Sharon’s Testimony:

Before camp I was praying really hard for the services; for God to anoint Brother Diggs and to save the people that were wayward.

Brother Diggs came and preached on everything that I had in my heart, spoken and unspoken. He also said, "Some people can't go to sleep at night because demons have grabbed their legs and are swinging them around the room." I remembered all the times that I couldn't sleep for hours on end. Now that I think back on it, how I was using my time, I realized that the whole day I was on the computer, reading romance novels, and wasting my time on needless things.

God did something great for me at camp and I know that the fire will keep on going!!!!

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