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Testimony Of God’s Supernatural Experiences

John K
First I would like to say, “GOD BLESS anyone who reads this.” God is moving in His church, His Bride, in a mighty way.

I really don't know where to begin. I had been going through some trials prior to Winter Camp; things I had already been set free from. When you stop feeding on the Word, you start relying on your own strength instead of Jesus', and it's amazing how fast you fall. Without the strength of God in your life, you don't stand a chance. That’s where I found myself. It has been an endless cycle that I've always been aware of, but never had the faith to step out and “claim my land.”

In my life, I've heard some negative things about camp..."Why does God only move at camp? It should be all the time," is a frequently used one. I've had some questions about that myself in the past. It seems that the months leading up to camp, and the months going away from it is like the two sides of a mountain, with the peak being those four days at Mt. Baker Camp. The simple truth is, sure, camp has been a pinnacle of the Supernatural in the past, and ninety-five percent of the young people baptized start their testimony with, "I was at camp...,” but that doesn't mean we should take that camp experience away. We should be in that atmosphere all the time and strive to bring that atmosphere off the mountain and into our daily lives. We need to build on it, not tear it down.

For me, the approach to Winter Camp was very different this year. I resolved in myself to be at both the prayer meetings that preceded camp. I knew that God was going to move there; the expectation was electric. Sure enough, God did move in a mighty way. And I found out about it the next day. I missed both prayer meetings. So much for my resolve. Personally, I believe that God was teaching me a lesson.

A while before that, Brother Tim Goertzen and I got into a dispute about confession. His stance was that if you confess anything believing, it WILL happen. I tried to take a more reasonable approach, saying...I don't even remember what I was saying. It's just important to know that I was wrong. And I believe that God allowed me to miss both prayer meetings in order to show me that. If I had taken Tim’s advice, and said, “I'll be there, PERIOD,” I would have been there. If I hadn't learned my lesson prior to camp, then I am now convinced that I would have missed camp as well. That’s a sobering thought.

Camp rolled itself into a huge ball of Supernatural for me. I can't remember individual meetings, or titles, or scriptures; it all melded into one. I do know that God moved in a way that I had never felt before. One night stands out for me. Saturday night was indescribable. If you were there, or if you have watched the service online, you know what I'm talking about. If you weren't there, or haven't seen it, take my advice and watch it...prayerfully. The same atmosphere in that chapel can go anywhere at any time if you just believe. If you do watch it, enter in. Expect the Great, and God will move. I believe He can speak directly to you through Brother Kidri Diggs even now...Why not? God spoke directly to Brother David Laws by listening to one of Brother Branham’s messages...Expect the Great.

I couldn't write down all the confirmations and testimonies that I have from camp. It would be a novel. I'll just say that God confirmed his Word with signs and wonders following. Sister Rennie Waldner was supernaturally healed by Jesus immediately following the service, after collapsing on the pathway from the chapel to the Annex. That’s just one example of many, probably hundreds.

I spoke earlier about taking the atmosphere with you. A few others and myself are a testimony to that. After the gathering at the Snow’s immediately following camp, David D, Tim G, Aaron H, Joseph Hildebrandt and myself all piled into Aaron’s car to head home. God came down on us. He was with us the entire time as we were fellowshipping on Jesus. It's true what the Prophet said about Sons of God not wanting to part ways. We were having a jubilee in that little car. Tim had homework to do, so we dropped him off first, David next, and then we went to Joseph’s house. At each place, the person leaving said a prayer. It was the only way to end off the weekend; talking to the One who orchestrated it. The Love of Jesus was so sweet. At Brother Joseph’s house, the Spirit of God came down every bit as strong as Saturday night, and the three of us lost ourselves in the Presence of God until sometime in the early morning. After Brother Joseph left (he had school the next day), Brother Aaron and I drove to my place. The Supernatural happened. Deliverance was experienced for both of us, and God moved.

I close with a few thoughts that prevail my spirit. The train was started last weekend, and it gave a long victory blast on the whistle. It is now up to us to diligently feed the furnace with the Coal. If we stop, the train does too. Now comes the true test. If what you experienced was real, press in. Be a good drunk, and press on. Ignore the flesh, and come into full adoption. It's there waiting for us. DON'T GIVE UP. I feel that Brother Ed's closing comments on the weekend were a perfect catalyst. If we follow that instruction, God will honour us greatly in our walk. The baton is being passed.

God Bless,

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