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Sister Nicole

Sister Nicole’s Testimony:

The Saturday night service of Winter Camp 2011 was a supernatural event that I was a part of. I prayed like I've never prayed before. I was so lost in God. But at one point in the evening, I came to myself for a second and realized that I wasn't just praying, I was fighting; arguing with the devil.

He was telling me, “Everything you're praying to be delivered from right now is all going to come back. It happened last winter camp. You try and clean up your life, but sooner or later you'll slip back to your old habits.”

I said, “No it’s not!! This isn't just any camp. This is God that has come down to us. He's cleansed me and taken all desires of worldly things and transformed them into a desire for more and more of Him.”

I'm free!! I'm not going back. I can't go back to my Jericho because it's been destroyed! There is no resurrection for the past!

I John 2:13-14 - “I have overcome the wicked one.”

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