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Brother Dominic's Testimony

Brother Dominic’s Testimony:

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

This camp was definitely a mile mark for me. God has done so much, not just for me but for friends and family as well. At the beginning of camp, I was expecting God to do something but not nearly as great as He did. I knew I needed God to do something for me because I was battling with some things, and I wanted God to move in my life. I knew something was wrong when I was in service, and was saying, “Amen,” just so people would think that I was walking with God. Yes, there were those times when a minister said something and it would speak to me, but the very next day I’d forget everything and go back to my normal routine. That’s what I had been doing for a couple months prior to the services and I knew that I needed to get back in the Word, but the devil always came along and either put something in my way that took up my time or he’d tell me, “Well, you can do that tomorrow. You have school tomorrow and you’re tired; you can read your Bible tomorrow night.” Of course when tomorrow night came along, he’d tell me the same thing and I just keep putting it off and putting it off.

The first service that really spoke to me was Friday, “A Thin Line Between Mercy And Judgment.” Some of the things Brother Diggs said really drove down to my heart. The first thing was when Brother Diggs started talking about our spiritual wages and asked us what our wages would be. When he said that, I asked myself, “What would your wages be?” I knew the answer almost immediately, but then the devil tried to come in and tell me, “You’re fine; you’re a good Christian.” But I knew that I would have had a very big cut in my spiritual paycheck. I would have short-changed myself, nobody short-changed me, I did it to myself. Here we have the Word and every tool you can possibly think of in order to get closer to God, whether it be Message books, services on CD, our Bible, and ministers that love and care for us and that will help explain things we don’t understand. I noticed that I hadn’t used any of them, or at least truly put them to their full potential of use.

Another thing Brother Diggs spoke about also had the same effect on me. He said, “Don’t give God a New Year’s resolution.” To me that meant, don’t tell God you’re done with what you were struggling with and then a couple weeks later, you do it again, just like most people do with New Year’s resolutions.

Lastly, one of the most impacting things Brother Diggs said was, “Don’t let your harvests get taken from you!” This really struck me down deep. The way I saw it was I was Shamgar and the harvest was my camp experience. Every year, the Philistines (the devil) would come and take away that experience from me, whether it be by getting me back on the wrong road or having me go through a trial that tested my faith and testimony for God, and I would fail to get back up. But this year, God has spoken to me and lifted my head to Him and given me another chance. I intend it to stay that way so I can serve God with all my heart and all my soul. With the group of new believers, we can all stand together and press on!

God bless!
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