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A Testimony Of God’s Provision

To those of you who were praying about the situation my parents were facing with the increase of my father’s nursing home participation, I wanted to take some time to give God glory. When He does something good we are supposed to share it abroad. I have received testimonies from around the world of the faithfulness of God in the little things, and it has encouraged me to ask for the things I need in my life as well. I trust this will also bless and encourage you.

Just shortly before the two-year anniversary of my father's stroke (January 24, 2009), I received a letter dated January 16, 2011 from the Washington State Medicaid program, DSHS. The letter informed us that my dad's personal participation amount of $2109 per month was going to be increased to $3026 per month, almost a $1000 raise in cost. I was devastated as I knew there was no way they could afford this, and I knew there was really nothing I could do to change their minds.

DSHS has very strict guidelines, and with my parents no longer being able to claim a mortgage, this amount was the number that their computer had generated. I turned to the only One I knew who could help. I told God this was too big for me to handle, and I needed Him to step in and take care of it. I emailed the saints and asked everyone to remember my parents in prayer, not only for this one request, but for a move of God for my dad and mom. It has been a long road for them.

Less than one week later, I received another letter from DSHS dated January 19, 2011, stating that the amount Dad must pay was being reduced back to the original $2109. I had not had the time to even make one phone call or send one letter, and I do not know what prompted the change, except to say that God knew the need before we even asked. He has faithfully made a way through these two years, and I know He will continue to do so.

Sister Sally Powell

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