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Ranisha & Charity's Camp Testimonies

Ranisha’s Camp Testimony

Camp was amazing. Brother Aaron McGeary spoke on Saturday morning about getting baptized. I had been baptized before but I felt that I should be baptized again, so I prayed and I asked God to get him to talk about it again. Then he read a quote of Brother Branham talking about repenting and being baptized. At the end of the service, Brother Aaron was praying, and I prayed, “I don't know what to do, God, I don't know.” Right after I said that, Brother Aaron said something like, “Those who have been baptized and they know they didn't do it right, and the devil is just trying to confuse them…” And then I knew that I had to be rebaptized. I also got filled with the Holy Ghost at camp.

I want to thank Brother Aaron and Brother Danny for coming and waiting on the Lord for us. I also want to thank the ministry for their vision and all the people who helped make camp happen.

Ranisha H.

Charity’s Camp Testimony

I went to camp with a huge burden on my heart for someone. It was the Friday night after the service that I went up for prayer. I told Brother Tom Rae my need and he told me about two ladies in the last two months that have come up for prayer for their unsaved friends and family, and God had answered both prayers. We had prayer and when I had left the tent, Brother Tom met me outside and told me that before he had prayed for me, he had prayed for three boys in a row that had come up for prayer, all for the same thing. Then I had come up and after me, two other sisters that were praying for their unsaved loved ones. He told me that God is doing mighty works and that He is going to answer my prayers. At the testimony service Sunday night, three young men gave their testimony that God healed their backs when Brother Tom had prayed for them that Friday night. I have no doubt in my heart that God is going to answer my prayers. “He gave us a promise, not a time."

Charity C.
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