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Sister Laura, Brothers Gabrial and Isaac

Sister Laura’s Testimony:

Hello everyone. I just want to share a bit about my testimony.

On Thursday, at camp, I smacked my head on a chair and it had started to really hurt. When I tried eating, it would hurt and it was like the entire day. Then on Friday, I went tubing and hit my head about three times after falling off the tube. Before the evening service started, I prayed to God that I would be healed before I left the service. We started singing and my head started to hurt. Later on in the service, Brother Diggs had said you could have your healing now. I believed it, and the pain was gone in an instant.

During the church services, Brother John would talk about things that could hinder your walk with God, like romance books. I would think that I at least wasn't reading the bad romance books, and keep reading them instead of reading my Bible or a message book.

Then at camp, Brother Diggs challenged us to write down the things we needed to get out of our lives. One of the things I wrote down was romance books. Later on in the service, he started doing his "hound dog" thing. He walked straight toward me, looked at me, and said romance books. It made me shiver. Then he told us about the girl's testimony of how God delivered her from romance books. What really got my attention when he spoke about the vision she had had of her reading and the Devil caressing her hair. It freaked me out to know that was what the Devil was doing to me. Thank the Lord I am delivered from them.

One other thing that I really enjoyed was when he told us of how the Devil dances with you; of how it's all about the body. God then taps your shoulder, puts the rose in your mouth, and starts waltzing.


Brother Gabriel’ Testimony

Before camp, in the first prayer meeting, I was praying for the Holy Spirit. I believed it so much that I got It, and then the Devil made me doubt it. Then, at camp, I was praying for It, and then I got It.

Another testimony, I was praying for Samuel because nothing was happening in his life. He started to respond, and the Lord answered my prayer.


Brother Isaac’s Testimony:

Isaac Esquivel
My testimony is, "God answered many of my questions and prayers at camp."

The Lord also filled me with the strength and courage that I need to keep pressing on.

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