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Sister Emily, Sister Grace, & Sister Charity

Sister Emily’s Testimony:

First, I want to thank God for putting me in a cabin of people I’ve always admired since I was a child. I came to camp in need of many things and Brother Kidri spoke on them all in a row, as I had thought of them. Brother Kidri spoke on putting your past behind you on Thursday night, but I didn’t catch it. He spoke it again on Friday night, and that night I caught it! Friday night, I went up for prayer and was praying for the Holy Ghost. Brother Kidri came and prayed for me to be filled and for God to make His Word real to me! His last words were, “Jesus, just do it,” and I broke through. I don’t know how to explain it, but praise God, I was filled!

Brother Kidri spoke on everything we spoke about in our cabin, from Rahab the Harlot to Barbie and Ken dolls. It was a confirmation to me that He is listening.

Last prayer meeting, I was praying for several things. Brother Roy Florent prayed for me and said, “Lord, fill her with the Holy Ghost and let her know she is filled, confirm it to her.” He used my words throughout his prayer. Then, he prayed exactly from my needs saying, “Lord, never let her fear, never let her be afraid. Show her what you want in her future. Show her a clear path to go. Fill her with faith, Lord.” He prayed for everything I did. It was absolutely amazing!!

Sister Grace W’s Testimony:

This camp was amazing!!!

First I would like to thank everyone that made this camp available.

It was my first time going to Winter Camp, so I came to camp expecting just some great services and an awesome time with my friends. Before camp, I knew I was not a strong Christian. I was eager to praise God during church, but found it really hard to stand for God at Chinese school on Saturdays.

On Friday, my counsellor asked us to write three things we expected out of winter camp.
So I did write three things:

1. For God to speak to me
2. For God to fill me again with the Holy Ghost
3. To change my desires/to only want God and nothing else of this world

On Saturday, I earnestly prayed for God to answer those expectations and to really speak to my relatives who do not know the Lord. I believe that God answered all those prayers and will continue to answer my prayers for my relatives.

One thing that I have a really hard time with is reading a lot of books. I was reading romance books, adventure books, mystery books, etc. When Brother Kidri talked about those romance books I realized that I had to stop. I realized books do take up all your time from reading your Bible/Messages and praying, because as soon as I read one book, I wanted to read the sequel. Then I wanted to read more books written by the same author. Now I am giving more time to God.

This camp has really changed my life and encouraged me to go on. God lit the fire and I believe He’s going to keep kindling the fire.

Sister Charity C’s Testimony:

I went to camp expecting a lot, and I can truly say that I got more than I could even ask or think. God did amazing things, and I can't begin to thank Him enough for all He did. I have heard about the Upper Room Experience and how God used it to do great, supernatural things, but I had never experienced it for myself.

I have heard about the move of God in Brother Branham’s day and in the Bible days, but I didn’t really think those things happened today. But, I can truly say that God proved me wrong; not just at camp but in our continuing services!! I'm “Expecting the Great”!! Thank you God for showing me that You are truly the same yesterday, today and forever.

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