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Brother Tyler & Sister Kortney

Brother Tyler’s Testimony:

Tyler R
Going into this Winter Camp I wasn’t really expecting to get anything out of the services. The first couple of nights I followed along and was hearing points that had to do with me and my life. Then, on Saturday night is when it all came down. During prayer, the Presence of God was so strong I would feel my body shaking like you would hear Brother Branham say when people came on stage. As people came by and prayed for me, I heard them pray the same prayer, along the same line. In doing so, I knew God was telling me to let go and break down my walls that were around my heart. After the service, everyone I talked to said, “That was the most powerful and amazing thing they had ever experienced.” In all, I was happy that I was there to experience that wonderful night.

Sister Kortney’s Testimony:

Two weeks before camp, I spent many hours with my mom talking about my life with the Lord and where I was. I realized I really wanted God to change several things for me. I started to pull on the Lord, His Presence began to be such a cherished thing to me, that all I could think of at church was, "I want to be in Your presence."

When I would return home from a wonderful evening of worship, the following day that "wonderful feeling" suddenly disappeared. I personally felt I was living as “the perfect Christian'” when really, I was only in His Presence at church. The thought that I was doing good, I didn't need to do more but live the way I was (as long I was going to church) really blinded me to reality. My life would be centered on whatever I was doing for the moment. My mom and dad 'forced' me to spend my time with the Lord in prayer and reading my Bible.

On Wednesday, February 2, I went up for prayer, wanting to be a better witness both to my family and my friends at school. Brother John Andes prayed with me, and I felt elated; things were finally going to change. I eventually found out that I was only going half-way. I came to camp, expecting great things from God, but was mainly focused on the social side of things, who was going to be there, who would I talk to, simple things like that which have no importance whatsoever when the Presence of God is near.

I didn't really expect anything to happen in the way it did. I figured this would be the same as any other year.. I would go, God would call, I would answer, I would go home, and go back to living the exact same way I did before; the same thing that has happened every year at camp. When I heard that Brother Kidri was preaching, I was pretty excited. Last year’s camp was so much more exhilarating than the others.
When Brother Kidri preached on Thursday evening, I really didn't pay much attention. I was mainly there because that was camp. Inside, I could feel my heart calling out for more of God, but I ignored that thought and gave into my flesh. Friday evening was different. The first thing I thought when I arrived there was, "Why didn't I bring a notebook and a pen?" Sure enough, as I was sitting there reading my Bible, along came someone with a yellow notepad and pen; my first sign that something was going to happen. God had provided. That night after Brother Kidri finished preaching The Thin Line Between Mercy and Judgment, there was an altar call. I immediately felt a tug in my heart, but I tried to ignore it by listening to that voice in my head that said, "You're fine, you don't need to go up. Look, other people have gone up, and there is not enough room for you."

A few moments later, I heard that 'still small voice' that silently beckoned me, "There is something more you need than what you have, go to the front." I agreed, ignoring the feeling of embarrassment and the thought of what others might say. I was going up, and nothing was going to stop me.

Once I had started praying for God's mercy, and help in many other things, both Brother Kidri and my counselor, Sister Margaret, came up and prayed for me, praying that I would be a witness to both my family and my friends at school. That was the second thing that spoke to me. Three people had prayed for the same exact thing for me in my life, and two of them had no idea that it was what I had asked for.
I thought Friday was the best day of the entire camp, but Saturday evening was the best day of my entire life. It was definitely confirmation of what God had been doing in my life. After camp, I left with a feeling of joy I'd never experienced before. I had always thought the most joy I could get was when I was reading, drawing, or singing. Compared to what the Lord has given me, these things are absolutely frivolous.
I want to say to my dear Brothers and Sisters, that no matter how hard the trial, no matter how deep the valley, God always prevails and He works in ways you may not see at first. But, eventually, the works of God always shine through. Keep trusting in Him, keep on moving forward, and never, never give up!

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