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Delivered from Fear

All my life I have dealt with fear. I remember as a little child sleeping on the floor of my parents room most nights due to fear. I had many nights that I lived in fear driving alone, or at home alone. It seamed to be associated with darkness & usually was a problem for me at night. Sometimes I would be so afraid I would just freeze and lock up & just be paralyzed in fear of the unknown.

A sound, a shadow, something I thought up in my mind that could happen. I also had lots of fears around hurts, both emotional & physical hurts. I was fearful of something happening to my husband or my kids. Every time my husband flew I was afraid. Any time I left my kids with someone, or they were doing something where they could get hurt, like a trampoline I was afraid & worried. I never did things if I thought I might get hurt in some way. I didn't allow my kids do things if I thought there was a possibility of harm. If I did let them, I'd feel sick to my stomach from worry and fear until they were done w/the activity & I knew they were safe.

At summer camp God delivered me from fear! Bro. McGerry said "Faith is the absence of fear". I've been praying to have more faith for a long time. Something clicked & I realized I needed to ask God to take away the fear in my life. All my life I thought having some fear was normal. I started realizing it was an area satin had snuck in and found a way to control an area of my life. I went up front at the end of the sermon and asked God to take away fear from my life. I have not had a fear issue since! I am SO thankful! I thank him almost every day! I am FREE!

Sister Chrystie
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