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Brother Josh Romero & Brother Caleb

Greetings my Brothers and Sisters,

I believe that every promise in the Book is mine, every chapter, every verse, every line; All the blessings of His love divine, every promise in the book is mine! Brother Branham once said, “Your right mental attitude towards God’s Divine promise will bring any promise to pass.” Since every promise in the Book is mine, I believe that if we, as believers, fully come to an understanding of acceptance towards God’s Word, we will all become stronger Christians each day. We serve a Healing God!! The Word says that by His stripes we are healed. Do you believe that? I sure do! All things are possible. Only believe!

I was so blessed by Brother Kidri Diggs’ church services at Winter Camp! The Presence of the Holy Spirit had such a strong anointing, which spoke directly through Brother Kidri. Each service was awesome, but Saturday night’s service I will never forget. I believe it was the same experience that occurred in the Upper Room many years ago on the Day of Pentecost. I felt so good, like a heavy load had just fallen off my shoulders that I was carrying.

Being surrounded by a Heavenly Presence is something that we all need, and I experienced it all weekend! Brother Michael Rae and Brother Marco Van Enter prayed for me in such a way that I will never forget. The words they spoke sunk deep in my heart, and I believe it, I accept it! It is awesome how God put it in their hearts to pray over me, because God knew exactly where and when to make it happen. I believe now more than ever, that putting my faith in action is what matters most because when it comes to faith, you have to give God something to work with. I claim my healing, and I lay it all in His hands. Romans 4:20-25.

I am so happy to see God moving in our lives! “I’m so glad that I can say I’m one of them!” May what happened at Winter Camp be a reminder that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. I pray that the young people continue to keep pressing on and keep moving forward with the great motivational attitude of “Expecting The Great!” GO TEAM!

Josh Romero
-Nothing Is Impossible With God-

Brother Caleb:

Camp this year was an experience I will never forget. God dealt with me in a supernatural way and spoke to me during the services dealing with what I've been praying about. First, God healed me from stomach problems I've had for a while. I was not able to have milk products without getting sick, and I was not able to eat in the morning without getting sick. I had been praying for a while about it, but I hadn't come to the point yet where I wanted healing enough to get it. On Friday night, Brother Diggs was talking about healing and he had walked over near me and he said, "You can claim it right now. In this service that you've created, you can have it." I accepted that for myself and I was completely healed.

God also dealt with me in my spiritual walk, because I had been lacking something. I didn't even realize what it was until Brother Diggs preached Search For It And Redeem It on Saturday night. He said, "There’s a lot of young people with no joy, you gotta sweep your house and search for it." I realized that was what was missing in my life, and by God’s grace I found it that night. That was only the beginning, for God dealt with me in many areas throughout the service. I want to thank the Lord for what He did for me and the rest of the young people at camp. I pray that the atmosphere that we experienced there would continue on.
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