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Esther D's & Jessica O's Camp Testimonies

Esther’s Camp Testimony

Before camp, for about a month and a half, my dad had been taking Wednesday nights and ministering on witnessing, and how to win souls to Christ. One thing he said was that we just need to show God’s love to the lost and that will touch them. That really struck me and I realized that I didn’t have enough love. So that is what I went into camp desiring.

One of the services, I am not sure which one, God really touched me and gave me more love and it really helped me a lot. After camp, I had gone to visit some people with my parents and there was a girl there who had been around the Message for the first 18 years of her life, and I used to always condemn her and kind of write her off. But when I saw her this time, I felt pity for her, and realized that what she needs is love. It does us no good to write people off and say they are too far gone. Nothing is too hard for God and no one is too far gone. They just need us to be “Jesus with skin on.”

Another thing is, on Thursday at camp, we were playing volleyball and I got a really bad sunburn. It hurt really badly on Friday, and then Saturday morning it was hurting even more and was blistering. Then I was like, “Why am I letting this ruin camp for me?” So I decided that I would get someone to pray for me that the pain would go away. As soon as I had made that decision, the Devil was right there and saying that it was because of my foolishness for not putting on sunscreen and that it was such a trivial thing, so why get prayed for. But I just rejected everything he told me and I found Brother John and he prayed for me and the pain left. It really spoke to me too, that he prayed for me and then he said, “We need to get you some burn lotion or something.” It really moved me because I am not from that church and he (and everyone else) just showed such love, as if I was just one of them.
Thank you to all who made camp possible. It really was a furthering point in my walk with the Lord and I am truly thankful to you all, and especially to the Lord.

Esther D. from Grande Prairie

Jessica Owen’s Camp Testimony

I became sick Wednesday right before camp started. I tried going to bed early that Wednesday night knowing all the sleepless nights ahead of me at camp, but no such luck. Thursday morning dawned with me as sick as a dog and by that evening, I was toast. Thursday evening Brother Danny prayed for me after the service and I wanted an instant miracle, but sadly it was not in God’s plan. Friday morning I woke up and didn’t want to go to church because I felt so drained. But I told myself that you always get worse before you get better, so BOO devil! After Friday morning’s service I went straight to bed. I knew it was just the devil trying to rob me of a good time spiritually. I don’t get to spend a lot of time with our youth since I work two jobs. It really has an effect on me because I spend so much time with people outside of this Message. I could notice myself being pulled more and more away from the things of God. The people I work with are nominal Christians, with their own idea of Salvation and who Christ is.

So Friday afternoon I was shown how much God loves me, for almost everyone in our group came up to my dorm and they brought Brother Danny and Sister Michelle Stemen and Brother John and Sister Sharon Andes up, and they prayed for me.

Friday evening I didn’t feel too much better, but by the end of service I could feel a difference. Saturday after the morning service I spent a couple hours out and Sunday I spent the whole day!

Needless to say, through all of this, the Devil did not rob me of a great time in God & His Word. I know I missed some things, but I’m going to listen to it all again. I must say I’m so pumped after these services.

Jessica Owen from Florida
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