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Deborah Hildebrandt’s Healing

The other night I was not feeling very good when it was time to go to bed. It felt as if my whole body was in some kind of uproar. It was as if my blood vessels were surging and I tossed and turned, and tossed and turned.

I was about to ask my husband, Nathan, to pray for me, and I believe I did mention that I would like us to pray together, when a calm voice spoke inside of me saying, "I claim the blood." Then again, "I claim the blood...Sing it."

I began to sing the song but did not remember all the words, so I asked Nathan to sing it with me. We sang it several times, and as we sang, my body began to feel better and better and better, until I was so relaxed! It was so amazing! Then Nathan and I prayed together, thanking the Lord for the answer.
I claim the blood,
Jesus shed on Calvary,
Those precious bloodstains,
Were made there just for me,
For all my sin,
My sickness and my pain,
When I need healing,
I claim those precious bloodstains.
 How I love Him!

~Sister Deborah Hildebrandt
(Luke 1:37 )
(For with God nothing shall be impossible.)
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