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A Girl Healed From Epilepsy

The Lord has continued an outpouring of His Spirit in Russia, and surrounding nations, through His Word!

Brother Sergey Volkov, the pastor of one of the assemblies in Moscow, went at the beginning of February to visit Brother Anatoly Strelkov’s church in Grodno, Belarus. They had wonderful services, with the Lord speaking clearly and evidently to the people. God revealed many hidden things in the people’s lives and it was marvellous to see the moving of His Spirit!

It was at that time Brother Anatoly shared an amazing testimony with Brother Sergey. Brother Anatoly had been present at the dedication meetings in Moscow in May 2010. During one of those services, Brother Ed Byskal, from Cloverdale Bibleway, prayed for handkerchiefs to be taken to sick people, after the example of Brother Branham. Brother Anatoly had included his handkerchief in the pile, and when he went on a mission trip to Armenia he had that same handkerchief with him.

In Armenia he met a young girl who was suffering with children’s epilepsy. The doctors were treating her with a glandular therapy, in which she was injected with glands, or hormones from animals such as sheep, to strengthen her own tissue. This treatment was causing her to be very swollen.

Brother Anatoly prayed for the little girl, and gave her a piece of his handkerchief. She was completely healed of epilepsy, and even the swelling from her treatment is gone.
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