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God Answers Prayer

On Monday, February 14, 2011 Bibleway Christian Academy (BCA) went on a snowboarding/ski trip. Overall snowboarding was awesome. After lunch time, around 1:00pm, Sabrina took a nasty spill at the bottom of the hill. She did a flip and landed on her right shoulder. She screamed for help! The principal, Brother Tekatch, came and asked her what happened. She told him that she could not move her arm. He told her friend nearby to get the ski patrol. Sister Sheila Raikadroka took her to first-aid. Amberly and her mom Sister Ronda met her there.

The first aid man checked her shoulder/arm out and said, "It's probably just a bruised muscle." We left the first aid office and took Sabrina to the lodge. She stayed and warmed up at the lodge for two hours. At 4:00pm they left to return to the school. About two hours later, Sabrina got home. By that time her shoulder was as big as a baseball or bigger.

Sister Ronda and Amberly decided to take Sabrina to the Abbotsford Hospital. It was a cold and rainy evening. Sister Ronda asked Amberly to pray for the rain to stop, for the emergency wait to be short, and for everything to go well with the doctors. About half-way to the hospital, the rain totally stopped and it was as clear as could be (prayer number one answered). We got to emergency and waited only half an hour and our name was called (prayer number two answered).

The nurse took us to a room. About 10 minutes later, a nurse came to take Sabrina for x-rays. Around 15 minutes later, she came out of x-rays. We went back to the same room. A lady doctor came and checked her out. She said Sabrina’s arm was most likely dislocated and that they would have to pop it into place. Another doctor came after looking at the x-rays and said he had never seen any x-ray like this. He said the bone was totally dislocated and broken and they would have to do surgery. He went on saying that they did not have a surgeon to do it and would have to send her to Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. They took her to a room with a bed and hooked up an IV with morphine. A couple of minutes later, the surgeon came in and said, "Hi, I'm Doctor Lee. We are taking her upstairs right now for surgery.” (Prayer number three answered) Before they took her, Brother Tom Rae prayed with Sabrina over the phone.

Two hours later she came out of surgery to her room in ICU. Sister Ronda and Amberly were able to be there when she woke up. We stayed at the hospital overnight. It was around 10:00 am when we left for home.
Slowly her shoulder is recovering.

Thank you for your prayers. May God bless you!

Sabrina (age 12) and Amberly (age 11)
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