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Testimonies From The Japanese Earthquake Pt-3

Testimony from Sister Rebekah Yang:
I was going out from the lab to submit my assignment when the earthquake took place in the afternoon of March 11. In the beginning, it felt just a bit shaky. I thought, well, maybe a small earthquake. But the shaking became stronger and stronger. Four of my fellow students and me ran out to the corridor. Most of the staff and students were outside the city for conference that day, so only five of us were in the lab. In the beginning I could stand still, as the quake went larger, I could barely keep standing. A girl and me crouched down, and two other students from last year protected us. I knelled and prayed that God settles the quake. Very soon the quake stop. Thank the Lord! This quake was measured as 6 minus in my place (Japanese scale). I took my jacket and cell phone and hurried toward a grass field outside with the rest of people. Shortly it began shaking again even on the grass. The quake source of the second one was very close to my lab, and measured as 6 plus. Thank God, we were already outside. Hallelujah!

When the quake was gone, we went back to our lab. None of the glasses, neither experimental instrument, nor bottles were broken. Everybody was surprised by this miracle. I had put my laptop in the refresh room and it was alright, while my fellow student’s was hit and broken by a box falling from a shelve next to it. My lab is subdivided by four rows with three passages in between. The other two passages were filled with things falling from the cabinet, while there wasn’t anything fell on the passage I used!

I left the lab and went to my cousin’s apartment quickly. What amazed us was the tall bookcases in our rooms (they usually shake when we use) still stood. So were the cups lying upon it. A microwave we had put on top of a fridge, which was almost as high as an adult, fell on the floor. The plate inside wasn’t broken (it’s a normal plate because the microwave didn’t come with a plate). The microwave functioned perfectly as it had been when we connected it to the outlet. Comparing to what had happened to my colleagues, it was really a miracle! My colleague’s microwave fell also but broke into two pieces. The PC in my room fell but nothing was broken. The dishes, plates and bowls in the kitchen all remained where they had been placed. While we were surprised by the scene in our rooms, we heard our neighbors screaming and complaining that their rooms were full of broken plates and glasses!

In the evening, many aftershocks took place. Other people hid themselves in the dorm canteen, and ran outside as long as the quake came. A person ran out and in more than ten times that night and got exhausted. My cousin and me just cooked and enjoyed our food as usual. When sleeping at night, I raised my hand and prayed as soon as a quake woke me up, and fell into sleep again. I’m a Christian, I trust in God! My cousin isn’t a Christian yet but surprisingly, God also gave her peace. I slept very well. Praise the Lord, March 15 in the evening I came home by train.
Hallelujah! Glory, praise and bless be to our God Almighty!

Sister Rebekah
March 21, 2011
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