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Faith In The Word Brings A Healing

In November of 2010, I developed a stomach issue that caused great discomfort almost every time I ate, and had to restrict my diet in order to help alleviate the pain. For two months I looked to God for a healing; however, I felt there was a purpose for the trial as the healing did not come even after considerable prayer.

After the preaching of the Word one Sunday in January, I was in earnest prayer about the situation. It was at that same time that Brother Tom Rae read an account of William Branham discerning a man in need of healing in his stomach. I took that as a confirmation from the Lord that he was well aware of my trial.

From that day, and over the next week the issue dramatically reduced, even after eating foods that formerly caused an increase in pain. I thank God for my healing and look for a complete healing in His perfect timing.

Brother Matt Desmet
Cloverdale Bibleway
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