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Brother Oren & Brother Joseph

Brother Oren’s Testimony:

Camp was amazing. The first night, Brother Kidri spoke on God’s love, which really made me desire to have more of that. It was kind of the ground-breaking service to begin the weekend.
The next day, in the evening service, Brother Kidri spoke on The Thin Line Between Mercy and Judgment. During this service, God really spoke to me and many other young people too. Some of us went up to the altar and had a wonderful time before God. It was also kind of preparation for the next days’ service.

Saturday morning, Brother Diggs spoke the devotions on A False Conception of Pleasure and then in the evening, Search For It And Redeem It. This service was incredible because so many people were eternally affected. People that I had really prayed for were supernaturally changed by God and were delivered of so many things.

God also dealt with me. He truly changed me and delivered me. Before camp, my walk was going up and down from service to service, and I wasn't having my daily walk with the Lord like I should. I believe God broke that cycle for me, and really filled me with the Holy Spirit.
The next day, on Sunday morning, the whole church gathered together and rejoiced in what God had done. God's atmosphere came down as He spoke His Word to us through His servant. I really thank the Lord for what He has done, for changing me and so many others eternally. I also am grateful for our Pastor's vision, giving us a camp atmosphere to let off the pressure and receive God's Word.

God Bless You,

Brother Joseph:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

First I’d like to thank all of you who dedicated your time and effort to the young people. Thank you. You have been such a blessing every year and it is good that you can give time for the nourishing of the Bride. God bless you. Next to the ministry, for all your dedication and service. We just love you. God is pleased when you dedicate yourself in prayer for the people. God bless you.

This camp was unlike anything I have ever experienced. It was a Supernatural time of “Another Book of Acts” and a time of restoration of those who may have strayed. I came to camp knowing that God was going to speak to the young people. The prayer meetings leading up to camp were Supernatural, when you expected to be caught away in the Spirit at any moment. It was wonderful that we could pull for one another and bear one another up.

I was very excited to go to camp and I was ready for God to move. The weekend was Supernatural as many will agree. When Brother Kidri Diggs preached The Ransom Friday night, it was refreshing and I knew this camp would be special. Brother Kidri's services on The Thin Line Between Mercy And Judgment and A False Conception Of Pleasure talked about many things which I have thought about a lot, in that what the world has to offer is only a perversion of a true walk with God.

Saturday night was something I have never before experienced in my life. Brother Kidri’s service on Search For It And Redeem It started in many ways like the other services; wonderful. And the song specials helped me to get into an atmosphere of worship. Brother Kidri delivered a masterpiece and said, "When it comes to faith, you need to give God something to work with." The whole service was beautiful and God was just coming down to fellowship and commune with His people.

At the end of the preaching, God came down so powerfully that Brother Kidri just left the pulpit, but God touched our hearts. It was just like His Spirit just welled up inside of His people and you just couldn't help but shout. I am not really the kind of person that will go jumping around and screaming, but I was just overcome by that awesome Presence. It was amazing. You felt free in that Supernatural atmosphere. People walked around and prayed, binding their hearts together. At a couple intervals, I stopped to catch my breath and looked at the people. It was amazing. Perhaps to the world, we were out of our minds, but to God, it was pleasing. You could feel it. People who had never prayed in such a way before opened up their hearts to God and the atmosphere remained.

Sunday morning was marvellous. Everyone was rejoicing. It was wonderful to see people, who had received God the night before, entering into the service in such a way.

When camp was over, lot of people went to the Snow’s house and gave testimonies and shared what had touched their heart. Again it was wonderful to fellowship with God in His people. I drove home with Aaron Hardy, John Kerr, Tim Goertzen, and David Dehkurdi and we could feel the Spirit of God was in that car. We were going to drop Tim off first, but he didn't want to leave, so we just parked and talked for a little while on God. Before Tim got out, we prayed and then we went to drop off David. He didn't want to go either, but it was late so we prayed and he left. When it was my turn to be dropped off, we prayed again, but not just a three or five minute prayer. The Spirit of the Lord came down, just like Saturday night, and that prayer lasted for one and a half hours. It was like we just couldn't leave. All we could do was just cry out to God for each other and those on our hearts. We had the same atmosphere where the three of us were gathered. It was 1:30am when I finally departed.

This camp was different from anything I have ever before experienced. God made Himself more real to this group, more than I have ever seen. God is so good to us. It was literally like the Day of Pentecost. God fell like a mighty rushing wind. I love the Lord more today than ever. AMEN!!!

God Bless You
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