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Sister Esther & Sister Rachel

Sister Esther’s Testimony:

Esther Waldner
My testimony begins at last winter camp. I was stone-cold before last winter camp and I didn't care about God; I just ignored God when He spoke to me. I thought I was happy and had everything I wanted, but I was to soon find out that I wasn't happy at all. During last winter camp’s services I really got scared I was going to hell because my life wasn't right. I prayed and prayed for God to give me another chance and to touch me again, because I hadn't felt God in so long I was afraid He skipped me. That's when I started worrying where I'd go if I died. I went up for prayer and asked for a strong desire for God. I believe God gave me that desire, but that was only the beginning.

After that camp, God put me through some trials that made me realize who I really was and where I belong in this Message. I was continually fighting the Devil and most of the time he would win because I wasn't really strong enough in the Lord to win. I didn't read my Bible enough and I didn't pray enough. Because of that I couldn't really get rid of my bad habits. I guess you could say I was lukewarm; not really fully surrendering myself to God. In November, I realized I was downright miserable because of that, and there were some things in my life I thought I couldn't shake. So I prayed and prayed for God to touch me because I wanted to feel Him and I was tired of not feeling Him.

As I prayed these things, I didn't really feel anything at all. Then, a few weeks later in December at a young people’s meeting, I stood up during the after service and started singing with my hands lifted. As we were singing Giving My Life Away, I felt God come over me so strongly I started weeping and weeping. I had to sit down and Tiffany came and prayed for me. I thanked God over and over again for touching me that night. I was so happy. I got saved that night and a week later I was baptized.

After that I was so happy, but there were still some things in my life that I still couldn't shake and I became sad again. I didn't have enough faith and love and I was a bit of a critic. I felt like I was growing cold again because when I prayed, I didn't feel close enough with God and thought He wasn't listening.

This Winter Camp, I was completely delivered from all of that. It was like nothing I ever experienced. I saw people I'd been praying for, for months, surrender their lives to God. I also learned to love, I got my joy back, and God proved to me that He was listening, even when it seemed like He wasn't. My experience at camp has allowed me to move on with God because He made me realize how blind I was in some areas and He showed me who He really was. He also gave me power to overcome the Devil and to get back up again when the Devil knocks me down. He showed me that when I just couldn't keep walking, He picked me up and carried me. He also gave me the Holy Ghost. After that experience, I can never ever go back to who I was. I just have to stay strong and keep moving on with God.

Sister Rachel’s Testimony:

Before camp, I was kind of thinking I was a full Christian until I heard Brother Diggs’ services. I realized there were a lot of things that I should block out of my life that I hadn’t been, such as movies, some Cover Up once in a while, and sometimes more, thinking there was nothing wrong with it. I realized that it had gotten worse and worse, but I thought, “Well, my sister does that, so why can’t I?”

I also had problems with watching movies. But now I haven’t watched one since camp, only church services. I also spent a lot of time on Facebook. It was taking up time that I could have been using to read my Bible, praying, or doing something for God. That’s what the Devil tries to do. So, today I deleted Facebook. I’m very happy too!

I also had problems with romance novels, but then I thought of how the Devil was caressing that one girl’s hair while she was reading a book, in the testimony Brother Diggs told us about, so what would he be doing while you’re watching a movie that had romance in it? Now, I don’t need those things anymore. They still come in mind, but I try my best not to feed on that.

At camp, I had a lot of fun and a lot of things happened. I really felt God, not just on Saturday night, but at all of the services. Just seeing some people standing up and praising God made me praise Him even more! I thank God for all He has done and I am so glad He came to us during camp. Keep me in your prayers. God bless you!
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