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Brother Matthew's Testimony

Brother Matthew’s Testimony:

I went to camp expecting nothing. I didn’t want to have anything to do with God. I just wanted to do my own thing, but God had different plans for me. I wasn’t even planning on coming to camp, but Sister Louise Wood paid for my camp fees, so I decided to go since I could go snowboarding on Friday.

Thursday night I just sat through the service, waiting for it to be over so I could go to bed and rest before going snowboarding Friday morning. Friday night, God started tugging at my heart but I totally ignored His voice and hardened my heart. Saturday morning I just sat through the service and tried to shrug off God talking to me Friday night. Saturday night was when God totally turned me around.

I sat in service as I had sat in the other services, just totally lost. After Brother Kidri had been preaching for an hour or so, God started to move and Brother Kidri just stopped preaching. Everyone was praying and crying out to God and I got scared. Satan wanted me to get out of the meeting so bad, because he knew something was going to happen to me. At first, I just sat there waiting for everyone to settle down and go back to the cabin when service was over. But the service kept going on and on. While I sat in my seat, I started thinking to myself about what was going to happen to me after camp. I knew I was lost and I was going to hell. But it dawned on me that this could be my last chance.

I started praying for myself and I got desperate for God. Then Brother Marko Van Enter came and prayed for me at exactly the right time and started praying about things I was turning over in my mind. After Brother Marko was finished, Brother Tom came and prayed a simple prayer, not long, just something simple. It just clicked for me and I was free.

I thank the Lord for what He’s done for me and I would like to thank all those who prayed for me. Prayer works. It may seem like God’s not answering you, but He will, in His perfect time. I would also like to give special thanks to Brother Norm and his wife Sister Louise, for paying for my camp fee. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have even gone to camp. I would also like to thank Brother John for having the burden for us young people and for doing everything he’s done for us.

Matthew L.
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