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Brother Patrick's Healing Testimony

Brugge, Belgium: August 14, 2011

“We’ve got a miracle now in our hospital because there wasn’t one doctor that believed that you would make it.”

July 3rd, 2011, Brother Patrick gave his testimony in Brother Guido Vanbrabant’s church in Brugge, Belgium. It was as if a holy respect for God’s presence came over the believers, and the church went very silent when they heard of the mighty healing work that the Lord had performed in Brother Patrick’s life.

On March 31st, Brother Guido received a text message saying Brother Patrick had been admitted to the hospital. When he went to visit on April 3rd, Brother Patrick was in an induced coma. Medical equipment took over every function of his body, and while his condition seemed to be improving, he remained in the coma.

There was a stone that had to be removed from Brother Patrick’s pancreas, and skin from his leg was used to graft back on his stomach where the operation took place. While in hospital, Brother Patrick also developed pneumonia. Doctors testified later that they didn’t expect him to survive more than a few days after the operation, and when he survived, they told him to expect a large scar where they had removed skin for a graft.

When he returned to the hospital to have his leg taken care of, the nurse was amazed that there was no scarring. God healed Brother Patrick of not only his pancreatic condition, but also of pneumonia. He and his wife, Sister Jenny, would like to express thanks to all who prayed.
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