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Brother Dedi & Sister Hattie

Brother Dedi’s Testimony:

First of all, I would like to thank God for our Pastor, Brother Ed Byskal and the ministry, Brother Tom Rae and Brother John Andes. They have been doing so much for us and I would just like to thank them for their gift and their vision.

For myself, God did something that was just amazing. All of Brother Kidri's services were just amazing, but the two that really stood out and touched me the most were, The Thin Line Between Mercy And Judgment, and Search For It And Redeem It. I was living deep in sin, and I had come to a point where if I didn't surrender my life to Christ I would be just lost and would never find my way back. I was holding grudges against people in the church and it became so bad that whenever I would see those people I would just think wrong thoughts; thoughts that I cannot even begin to describe, but the Devil was using that to keep me bound. It became so bad that I didn't even want to come to church anymore. But God had mercy on me and He sent Brother Kidri here to come and speak exactly what I needed. It's amazing how God works.

I never expected myself to pray as much and as hard as I did on Saturday night. It just felt like I was free and I didn't feel bound anymore.

One thing I was missing was my joy and Brother Kidri just spoke on that and it was just a confirmation that God really does care for me and He won't let me go no matter how far in the world I get. He is always there, tugging, to let us know, but you just have to search for Him. I want to thank Him for delivering me from, well, everything!

Oh, and my Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts were deleted on Wednesday night after the service like I said I would!!! That's another victory!


Sister Hattie’s Testimony:

Hattie Nygoi
Before camp, I didn't really have a desire to go, but deep down inside of me I knew I really had to go. So I went to the service on Friday night with many unanswered questions. But when I got there, everything I had been battling Brother Kidri Diggs said it all, and I knew it was God, because it is only Him who can do that.
Then, on Saturday morning I came to the service a bit expecting, and God spoke to me again. During Friday night, myself and some of the girls in our cabin were talking about what we struggle with and just giving different testimonies and speaking of God's Word. I had told one of the girls that I wanted to help other little girls so that when they’re going through something, they don’t need to go the same path that I did. I had become too critical and so judgmental with other girls that weren’t doing as good, spiritually, and God was starting to deal with me on that, reminding me of how when I wasn't doing well, other people were so critical and mean to me. All I could remember saying to myself was, “Why can’t they just talk to me?” Like Brother Branham said. “When you see somebody doing something wrong, talk to them. And speak with them with a nice spirit, a right attitude”. I started feeling guilty because I become one of those people and I just hated it.

So then Saturday evening, Brother Diggs was preaching and he was going through the story of Rahab. I identified myself with her story because she went through almost the same thing I did. And Brother Diggs said, “You might go through something so you can become somebody else's covering, so that when you see somebody else going through that same thing you went through, you tell them, ‘Sister, don’t go there, I’ve been to that path, you don’t want to go there!’” That really got me because that’s exactly what I had told the girls the day before. And I just took that for me. Then he said, “Why don’t you let God turn your mess into a blessing?” Everything I was going through, I just let it go and left it to God - because He knows all about it.

Starting from Friday all the way through Sunday, God continued to speak to me and made Himself more real to me. I am just so happy because I was asking God to show me who I am in this Message and He did that. I’m not ashamed anymore. I bring Message books to school now, and just give it to as many people as I can. I talk about my experience with God at camp and I’ve grown to understand this Message so much more.
I love God, the Message, and the Bible. I just want more of God and I’m happy He came into my life.

To God be the glory for the great thing He has done!!

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