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Sister Brooke & Sister Alana

Sister Brooke’s Testimony:

This Winter Camp was my first year in Winter Camp. I am very glad that I was able to go because the services were very good. Saturday night, when we were at the altar praying after service, I said in my heart, “Lord, if I really have the Holy Spirit then have Brother John say, ‘You can have the Holy Ghost.’” I don’t know why I wanted that to be confirmed, but a few minutes after I prayed this, sure enough, Brother John said it. I was very happy.

I can’t remember which service Brother Kidri said it, but it really spoke to me. He said, “Don’t wait to start the wave of the Holy Spirit, you start it.” I had been struggling with doing just that, and I was touched by His words.

What also spoke to me one service was, “Don’t be ashamed to say you have the Holy Spirit!” Before Brother Diggs said that, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to tell people. I also wondered if it was bragging to say that you did. After service I told Victoria that I had received the Holy Spirit, she said she did too, and I felt free. May all the glory go to God who made this possible.

Sister Alana’s Testimony:

I came to camp with three distinct burdens, and had each met by the end of camp.

The first was for a natural healing. I had a small cyst in my earlobe located right on the nerve, and it was causing a lot of pain. The first night, I went up for prayer and had Brother Tom pray that it would be gone by the end of camp, and the Lord answered! By the end of camp, it had quit hurting entirely and was dissolved to a barely noticeable size.

The second was for a personal spiritual need and I also desired a greater hunger for the Word and a deeper prayer life. I believe the Lord answered that, and dealt also with the personal need.

The third was a deep burden for one of the young men that I had seen struggling and fighting against the Word for some time. On Saturday night when the Holy Spirit came down, I watched as he surrendered his life to Christ and entered into the worship.

The Lord also gave me two confirmations, and though some might consider them small, they were very special to me. The first was that it seemed like no matter what our cabin talked about of a spiritual nature, Brother Diggs would either preach on it, or reference it in some way during a following day's sermon. It was very special to realize that God was getting us in the channel even before the ministry of the Word, and that He was listening to our conversation.

The second may have slipped some people's notice, but was a great encouragement to me. Saturday (February 5th) was the exact date that the Lord saved me from being struck by a drunk driver one year previous. Many believers heard my dad give a testimony at church the following Sunday last year, and his opening Scripture was Psalms 46:1, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” That Saturday morning at camp, one of Brother Digg's opening scriptures was Psalms 46:1. It meant so much to me, and it seemed that God was telling me, "This is the day that happened, and I still watch over you and care about you."

I thank the Lord for meeting each personal need and desire that I had, and it made for a very wonderful experience for me.
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