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Brother David, Sister Victoria & Brother Victor

Brother David’s Testimony:

David Adimora
In order to be another witness against the Enemy, I wish to publicly thank the Lord for His Amazing Grace that He extended to me during the weekend meetings at Mount Baker. But as we all know, it’s the vindication (or vindicated life) that means more to the Christian than the blessings.

To me, the event that took place on Saturday was rain (showers of blessings) upon all. In that rain was deliverance. In it was healing. In it was Faith, strength and all that God is.

During fellowship after the Saturday night meeting, a few brothers and I made the statement, “It is over. Now we move on.” In other words, “Thank God for what He’s done and doing. Now it is time to move on and keep pressing on to the mark of the high calling.”

After the meetings, I haven’t lost the desire to talk about the Message or the Bible. But rather, I have had the desire to see It manifested first in me, then in others around me, then to the Bride of Christ around the world. I thank God for Brother Diggs, for Brother Ed, the ministers and helpers, the parents, the campers and all who made it possible for us to have the experience that we did.

If there was ever a time to jump in and understand all God has revealed in this day, this is the time.

Sister Victoria’s Testimony:

Victoria Adimora
It all started on Thursday night. Brother Kidri Diggs spoke on The Ransom (The love of God), and I started to think to myself, "Lord, how much do You really love me? I want to love You just as much."

Then, on Friday night, Brother Diggs spoke on The Thin Line Between Mercy And Judgment. I knew I wasn’t living right at all, and if I were to die, I wouldn't be going to heaven. I went up to the altar and started to cry out to God to have mercy on me. Usually when I'm at the altar, I’m aware of what’s going on around me and it distracts me, but this time it was different, very different. It was like I was blacking out, like everything around me was going away; as if I were the only person there. I could still hear voices but I wasn't aware that they were there. It was like I had just stepped into a dark, pitch-black room where it was just me and God, nobody else, and I knew this time it wasn’t emotion; it was God doing business in my life.

Saturday night was a confirmation of Friday night's service. Brother Kidri preached, Search For It And Redeem It. That night God came down like never before. It's so hard to explain, but it's amazing what happens when God takes over a service like that. I mean, seeing people pray that I've never even seen say amen was a miracle in itself. During that night, I went up to the altar and started praying for three main loved ones, my two brothers Victor, and Daniel, and my best friend Ruth, but deep down inside I was praying for myself too. In the past, I've always wanted to have the Holy Ghost and I never knew if I had it or not, so while I was up at the front, Brother Kidri laid his hands on me and started to say these words, “Lord give her the Holy Ghost and let her know that she has it. Let her stop doubting that she has it." Right at that moment I knew God had heard all my prayers and that I had the Holy Ghost.

I went back to my seat and me and my brother, Victor's eyes met, and I thought to myself, "Why is he just sitting there? Can't he see what’s happening?" I started to pray, "Lord, I know you'll change Victor's life no matter how long it takes." Then my friend Sharon nudged me and I looked up and saw Victor go up to the front. I couldn’t hold myself and I started to cry, and scream, and thank God.

I just want to thank Him for these camp services, for what He has done in my brother's life and for what He has done in my life as well. May God richly bless Brother Kidri Diggs for using his gift to edify the Bride, and to the ministry for their vision.

May God Richly Bless You All,

Brother Victor’s Testimony:

I wasn't planning to see God at camp, I was planning just to learn how to snowboard, but God had different plans. It was Saturday night, the Lord was speaking through Brother Kidri Diggs and I wasn't really listening. It came to the end of the service and the Lord was moving in a great way, but I was trying to reject it. A few minutes later, I decided to let it in for a little, and I was saying in my heart, “Lord, why am I feeling like a dry stick while everybody else is worshiping God?”

Immediately after I had said those words in my heart, Brother Tom Frey came and prayed for me and said those exact words that I had said in my heart, and then he left. I was quietly talking to God in my heart and the Lord told me to go up to the altar. So I went up, and immediately I started repenting and asking the Lord to forgive me. Then, about ten hands came on my back at once and people started saying, “We were praying for you, Victor.” I said, “Thank you Lord!” I believe from that day, my life is changed.

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