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Healed Of A Back Issue

Kim Frey
Over a year ago, the Lord gave me victory over a back condition; however, for the last few months, Satan has been trying to throw it back at me. On January 16th 2011, Brother Tom Rae spoke the message “Coming Boldly,” and told us that we have access. He also said, “All that God is, I am.” I determined in that service that Satan had no right; I was going to take what was mine, my healing!

Through the next weeks it was a battle, and Satan was telling me my back trouble had returned. Sitting in the service became very difficult. It was on January 23, in the evening service, after Brother Murphy Wong spoke, I felt to go up for prayer. I asked Brother Tom Rae and Brother Murphy Wong to agree with me in prayer that my back condition would be done.

Throughout the week I thanked the Lord for the promise, and thank the Lord, all the pain has left. Another victory won. This may make Satan raging mad but I don’t care. I’m coming boldly as a daughter of God, thanking the Lord for what He has done, that others may know.

Sister Kim Frey
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