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Rebecca Doucette’s Testimony

This was my first time going to Mount Baker Bibleway Summer Camp. Even though the devil fought us tooth and nail, God blessed us in a big way.

I had an amazing time at camp. Not only were we welcomed and made to feel at home amongst the believers, the services were amazing. I know that God touched my life at this camp and I am so grateful that I got to come and be a part of the meetings, as they truly impacted my life. As I heard one of the other youth that came with us from our church say, the meetings weren’t focused on “childish” things like cleaning up our lives, getting rid of immodest clothing and things like that; Brother Danny Stemen and Brother Aaron McGeary’s messages were more focused on bringing us higher into the things of God.

I had never heard Brother Aaron McGeary preach before, but what he preached was right up my alley. Ever since a young age, the Devil has fought me about the Holy Ghost, telling me I was either too bad to get It, I wasn’t a child of God and couldn’t receive It, or I just flat-out didn’t have It. I battled with those thoughts a lot. Times would come that I would have an experience with God and I would think I had It, and right after that the Devil would come and tell me it wasn’t right, I didn’t receive anything.

The two services that Brother Aaron preached that weekend were titled “Only Believe.” He spoke on the millions of choices that Satan presents before us every day, and how with every choice we end up dissatisfied with what we chose. God isn’t like that, He gives us two choices: to either serve Him or walk away. He also stated things like “believing and having faith are the same thing.” He told us that if Satan can get us to doubt our weapon, the Word, then he doesn’t have to force himself.

What I learned from Brother Aaron’s messages was that in the moment, I would “believe” that I had the Holy Ghost, but Satan was able every single time to get me to doubt what God has given me. That’s not right; either I have It or I don’t, and I can’t be going back and forth on this. It’s time that I chose God’s truths over Satan’s lies.

Brother Danny Stemen preached on Rebekah and how she had to leave her mother’s house and go to Isaac. He typed Rebekah perfectly as the Bride of Christ and Eliezer as Brother Branham, God’s prophet sent to call the Bride. He said that it was Rebekah’s final decision to make, whether or not she would follow the servant and go to Isaac. He said that it is up to us to reject or accept what we will believe, God or Satan, and that once the Bride says that she will go, Satan will have to go elsewhere. As the Bride of Christ, it is up to me to decide whether or not I will go, and I have decided. It’s past time that I start giving Jesus Christ my all.

One other thing that Brother Aaron said was that the right attitude, only believe, will bring any promise of God to pass. I am clinging to that, and I know in His time He will reveal to me that I have the Holy Ghost or that I have received It.

God bless you all! Thank you for having this camp!

Rebekah Doucette from Florida
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