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Sister Meghan & Brother Levi

Sister Meghan:
It is hard to explain the state I was in previous to Winter Camp this year, but I definitely had a lot of expectation pinned on the services. I had specific requests for myself (answers to plaguing personal questions) as well as desperation for God to arrest the souls of many of our young people. I arranged with another younger sister in the church to be prayed up for the services, both of us praying especially for Brother Diggs to be a vessel God could pour through, unhindered. I had no doubts camp was to be something very special, but I had no idea how special it was going to be.

The very first service, The Love Of God was spoken directly to my soul. I amen-ed and hallelujah-ed the whole way through, but I recognized a hindrance, a fog of complacency in my response. Something was lacking. I recalled Brother Branham speaking about throwing a rock in the air to start a whirlwind (64-0614M), and reading about Elisha dropping a stick in water to bring an axe head up (II Kings 6:5-7), and I determined to “do something to cause something”. It wasn’t an altar call service but I thought I might be able to walk through that fog.

No sooner had I determined that I would go, than the Enemy started to whisper, “You don’t need to go to the front. Going up front is either for show or for those who really need to repent. Maybe sick people, but you don’t need healing. You will be disruptive and out of order. Your response is fine!”

Making a stand against myself has always been difficult for me, but that whisper made me angry so I bailed out of my pew (I did disrupt some other sisters, and for that I apologize). At the same time I bailed, so did the Enemy. I was able to kneel and tell my Lord from the very depths of my being that I love Him and fully trust Him. After that, I was satisfied for myself and was willing to focus on others. But Jesus wasn’t done with me. The following services were line upon line of lessons and blessings, reproofs and encouragement. I will go back and stream them again so I don’t miss out on a word of what the Lord was saying to me.

Sister Alana Hendrickson also ensured I didn’t miss out on a blessing at camp. In Mckenzie Cabin, we sat together and fellowshipped during our spare time. It never failed that the topic of our fellowship was addressed in the following service. That alone was an impacting confirmation for the girls that the Lord is ever-present, and that He does care! If He is listening to our reminiscing on childhood toys, like Barbie, then He most certainly hears our every prayer.

One of these conversations was made up of testimonies, and I shared with the girls a struggle I had been having with a recurring sin. It irritated me that the sin was so small, and yet I couldn’t seem to overcome because I kept returning to it. It had been frustrating and discouraging me long before camp, and although I had repented and walked away, I was apprehensive of the day I might find myself back there again.

During that time I had been thinking about Hosea and Gomer. Hosea’s life was rearranged by God’s calling for his life, and how hard a calling he was given! I imagine that he was a man who was kind and gracious and extraordinarily forgiving because he was supposed to reflect to his wife God’s love of Israel. I found myself wondering if Gomer was hardened and unfeeling, perhaps cynical and bitter…or completely crazy, for repeatedly running away and rejecting the love and security Hosea offered. I have always loved reading how God speaks to Israel in the book of Hosea, and took the good parts as speaking to me. In recent days and weeks it made me sick to think that I was behaving just like Gomer.

Alana listened to this entire testimony and then quietly remarked, “Gomer never repented. Rahab repented and God destroyed Jericho so no one could find her sin, remember?” I did remember, and all of us moved on to talk excitedly about how Brother Burley Williams had preached on that topic a couple years ago.

That night in service, Brother Diggs spent a long time on Rahab’s past being destroyed. With Alana loudly amen-ing behind me, I claimed the Word. Neither I nor anyone else can return me to that sin, because God destroyed the evidence.

Praise the Lord!!

It was a beautiful thing that God came down in each and every meeting in such a supernatural way, and I am so glad that He dealt with us the way He did, vindicating His Word to us and starting a “Spiritual Revolution”. Everything I prayed about was answered, and some things I didn’t dare to hope for, God gave! My youngest brother was saved on Saturday night! I am excited to see and be a part of what God is doing in our day.

Brother Levi’s Testimony:

Levi Drake
Seeing my prayers answered that the valley of bones responded to the call and joined together to become a mighty victorious army!!!! Praise the Lord!

Just to see a visual and audible confirmation that the "God" part is in people you had some doubts about...watching the inner deep respond to the Deep that was calling.

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