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Sister Elisabeth & Brianna and Brother Nathan

Sister Elisabeth Naber:

As I was getting in our van to leave for camp, I told my husband to get himself prepared, that Nathan was coming back full of the Holy Ghost. Nathan told me later that the Lord dealt with him and he went up to the front Friday evening. Saturday as the Holy Spirit was moving, I and others went and found him at his seat and prayed with him. Sunday morning during the ministering of the Word, the Lord was strongly urging me to act on what I was hearing and take Nathan up for prayer. During the closing prayer, I found Nathan at his seat and had him come up with me. As the prayer ended, Brother Diggs motioned to Brother Tom Rae that he was going to pray with us.

As he came over I said, "I'm calling the God of Elijah on the scene. The boy you spoke of this morning (the Memphis auntie's dying son) didn't know what he needed or wanted. You said the Bride is God in flesh and has the ability to impart Life. I believe we (Brother Diggs, Brother John and myself) can pray for my son and impart Life to him that he would receive the Holy Ghost. And I want us to do that."

I believed that if that mama's faith and prayer could bring her son to life, so could mine. Brother Diggs asked Nathan if he wanted this.

Nathan said, "Yes."

Brother Diggs prayed, and we agreed, imparting Life, saying in his prayer, "Receive ye the Holy Ghost."

At one point towards the end, he said Nathan's name as he prayed for him, not ever having been told his name. Later, I apologized to Nathan if I embarrassed him but told him the Lord wanted me to do that. I asked, "Did you notice he said ‘Nathan’ when he doesn't know you and has never met you and doesn't know what your name is?"

"Yes," he said, "I caught that."

When I left camp, my phone beeped a text I had gotten from Nathan at 11:28 Saturday evening. It said, "I got filled up and drunk."

Nathan and I have been reading the book of Acts together each school morning while waiting for the border to open. We've been praying to find ourselves there and recognize it happening around us. Sunday evening we agreed that Acts 2 took place on Saturday night as we were all in one place, in one accord and the Holy Ghost fell on us where we were sitting, just like the Scripture says. We found ourselves in Scripture this past weekend as we write Acts 29 in 2011.

It's just the beginning for my son and I'm eternally grateful to the Lord, all the sacrificial believers, and the vision of our Pastor for our children that made it possible.

Brianna’s Testimony

God came over many of us in a way that has never been experienced in our lifetime. I literally felt all inhibitions and chains fall off in that Saturday night service. It felt like the Rapture was happening, NO JOKE! I was ready to bust out of there!

In that presence you could stand for hours just praying and crying out to God, and not feel a speck of weariness. Not one felt like they were bound from worshipping by those around them. All those surrounding me were just proclaiming peace and power, dancing for the Lord in victory, and were filled with love. So much so, that they were praying for everyone around them like never before, and claiming Salvation for them.

All I could do was praise God. He delivered me from all my pride, my lust, my weariness from school, my lack of worship and devotion and on and on. That Presence changed everything!

My brother was "filled up and drunk" as he said. He received Salvation, and even in the few days after camp, you can sense something totally new in this 14-year-old. This is such an incredible miracle, as influences at home don't always promote the Lord. But he's free!!!!!!

I had such faith for my three classmates sitting in front of me. The whole service they sat there and I couldn't tell if the Lord was stirring something up in their hearts. I decided, as Brother Kidri Diggs had said, that we have the power to accept the Holy Ghost for someone, like Hattie Wright who asked for her two son’s souls, and God gave her them instantly. I simply claimed that for them, and by the end of the service, they were crying out and praying for each other and raising their hands (which was a first). After I saw the power in prayer, my faith was seriously blown up in flames and I'm still wallowing in my mind through all that God did.

Something simple, yet great, happened in my personal walk as well. Brother Kidri was talking about how this year he had purposed to read the Bible every day, and had succeeded so far. I thought I was doing okay before, in just praying once in a while and reading the Bible when I found time. But people get so bogged down, they don't realize they are being slowly boiled by the world and the many things required of us. I was really convicted that I had tossed the Lord aside and was living from service to service, hoping only for a filling on those days. I realized I need to die daily to myself and I can have that Presence every day, and that I have the power to create my own atmosphere!!!!

After the service, Sister Jo-Ann Rae came and told her testimony to a group of us girls. You have no idea the incredible things she told. From her many earthly accomplishments - she brought all her medals, her news clippings, and her pictures, and they laid out there all rusty, dusty, and torn - while she cried and told us that this is all that our worldly accomplishments mean; nothing, in the sight of God. All that really matters and what can be counted as gain is what the Lord has given us. It really brought schooling, relationships, and God into a whole new perspective. It was such an amazing time to have her speak. That was just one example of what she told us about and I gained a world of respect for her and for what living for God brings.

I could go on and on about my healing and my victories but it's not possible to voice them all. God is on the move and Satan is totally defeated in the hearts of our young people!!!!

God Bless,

Sister Brianna

Brother Nathan:

The Lord really dealt with me this year at camp. I asked Him if He would come into my heart, and He did this year for sure. I'm so sure He did, because I feel a lot different than I did before camp!

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