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Demon Of Oppression Gone!

Patty Pettingell
On the morning of January 30, 2011 I came to church very, very tired and I felt a horrible spirit of oppression from the enemy. The message that morning was preached by Brother Tom Rae and was titled, “Our Journey To Liberty.”

I was sitting in the fellowship room because I was afraid I would fall asleep in church. At around 12:30pm, I was ready to go home and go to bed. I went to the kitchen and a sister was in there. When I told her I was going home she said, “No you’re not, we need to pray that thing off of you.”

Well, when Brother Tom called people up for prayer, she came, wrapped her arms around me and began praying. Within moments all of those feelings left. I no longer felt tired and that spirit of oppression was completely gone-over. “Thank God I am free, free, free!”

Sister Patty Pettingell
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