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Sister Darleen

Sister Darleen’sTestimony:

Darleen H
Last night, after I read a few testimonies on the Bibleway website, I was marveling over the day's events, how the Word is coming across and every service seems to draw us closer to where we need to be; the Bride realizing her position. I was thinking of what God's been doing in each of our lives, when I realized the time was close to 1 a.m. and I should really try to sleep. That’s when I found I couldn't get warm and my body was shaking and I felt a headache pressing in. I also felt achy and kept coughing. I got this little niggling voice that said, "Oh look, now you're getting sick too, just like everyone else after camp." I found myself saying "No, I can't afford it, I'm not accepting it." Then, I suddenly got an onslaught of mind battles that was only increasing the headache. I knew it was the Devil immediately, since I had the Sunday morning and evening services fresh on my mind. I remembered Brother Ed's words not to let any negative words come out, just speak the Word and it will conquer those battles and how we need to keep believing, even when it is hard to. Lately I've found it to be true how important it is to watch what you say or confess.

I started speaking these words: "I want you to know I'm a daughter of God. I am the Royal Seed of Abraham. My God is Greater than you are. You thought you had me but I am healed in the Name of Jesus Christ. I am not afraid of you, or what you think you can do. I'm not accepting it. My God said if I ask anything in the Name of Jesus I could have it and I believe it." (Meanwhile I was still coughing, but none of it mattered at that moment). I continued speaking out loud, "I also want you to know that I've claimed my brother, Chris, my friend, Elizabeth Cantin and loved ones, so you might as well let them go; you've lost the battle long ago. The token is applied in my home and you are not welcome here."

I continued speaking the promises God's given me and thanking Him for my healing. It wasn't anything dramatic but I believed it simply and I felt the headache leave and I quit coughing. The mind battles left and all I felt was peace in the room as I was able to fall asleep. The next morning, Brother Tom's service came back and the sentence, “They overcame by the Blood of the Lamb and by the Word of their testimony.” The Devil gets no credit for anything. But to God be the Glory for great things He is doing.
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