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Sister Jewelann

Sister Jewelann’s Testimony

Winter camp 2011, was a once in a lifetime, unforgettable experience. All the services were exactly what we needed. Everyone who was present could take something that was said in one of the services and apply it to their lives. God came down and dealt with each one on an individual basis to prove that He knows each and every one of us personally.

Thursday night was amazing. God used Brother Diggs as a messenger, to remind me just how much Jesus really loves me. The fact that “He is more in love with us than we are with Him” and “it’s not what we’ve done for Him, but what He has done for us,” is what truly defines how marvelous His love is. Many times I have forgotten just how much our Lord sacrificed, “He came into this world with nothing even though He was the creator of everything.” Even though I’d heard millions of times that, “He died for me,” I was still willing to hold back from a full surrender and wait until He spoke to me. The service helped me realize that He has already spoken, He has already told me how much He loves me, and that it was my turn to speak to Him. It was my opportunity to tell Jesus that I love Him back and I’ll give Him everything I have, starting with my whole heart.

Saturday night was a supernatural experience. The Presence of God was so strong that it felt like if you didn’t choose that night to accept God’s mercy, you would surely experience His judgment. It was truly amazing to “feel” Him right in our midst and know that He was granting us mercy once again.

For a long time before camp I knew I had been justified, sanctified and had the Holy Ghost, but then I began to question whether or not I actually did have the Holy Ghost. As I went along in my daily life and made mistakes, I was certain that I didn’t. On Saturday night, I was still seeking to fill that void again and was just waiting for God to tell me how I could get the Holy Ghost back. The Word once again was open to me when Brother Diggs said, “What is inside of you will speak for itself. You just have to claim what you desire.” I desired the Holy Ghost and I believe I received it.

Overall, the winter camp experience was amazing. We came back to Cloverdale and God is still dealing and moving in such a way that it can’t be called a camp experience, since camp is over, but an experience with Jesus Christ.
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