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Brother Digg's Testimony

The Lord has truly been good to us. As a minister, you go into services with a level of expectation. I can truly say the Lord met and exceeded my own personal expectation at the Winter Camp. It was the atmosphere that brings those kinds of results.

I heard that your young people went out witnessing telling people come out to camp. I believe there were a couple of prayer meetings before camp, so I tried to pray more earnestly on the days your prayer meetings were going on. The Prophet talked about catching the mind of the Lord for the meeting. It’s not what we want to preach, it’s what God wants to say to his children. It was truly a group effort, from the young people pulling on the gift, to the adults surrendering and sacrificing their own wants to see their kids blessed. Even after the services I could feel the love everyone had for each other. Once the Holy Spirit came down, He never decreased in power. It seemed like anything was possible. No problem was too great or too small.

I really appreciate all the ministers, staff, young people, even the people on the Internet praying for the services. I was just as encouraged to press on with the Lord. This past week was one of the first times I had to really sit back and read some testimonies again. It gave me such a charge to know that I was there, so when I went out to preach in Iowa. The Lord came down After 30 minutes of preaching, and the church went into a spontaneous worship and the same followed in St. Paul, MN. Like Brother Ed said we have turned the Corner.

Tell everyone thanks for all the emails (every last one) and words of comfort. May the Lord continue to bless Cloverdale Bibleway as you follow after Christ. Still drinking from the Saucer.

Brother Diggs
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