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Laura's Testimony of Healing

My testimony occurred a week or two before our summer camp. I was moving and changing my bed mattress, and if you're small like me it’s really heavy to move around a twin-sized mattress. My brother, Gabe, helped me bring it up the stairs but then left. When I attempted to lift the mattress myself, I got this weird pain in my back like I had torn something. My other brother, Isaac, finished helping me.

I didn’t want to go to the doctor so I didn’t say anything. I kept having the pain for a few days. It was Sunday night when I was lying in my bed awake, listening to Brother Branham. He mentioned something about believing and claiming your healing. I started to say I was healed and the pain got worse. I kept saying it until I believed it, and it left almost instantly. I want to thank God for healing me. I also had a prayer answered at camp.

God Bless,

Laura E.
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