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The Power Of Confession

In early December 2010, I went to see an immigration doctor for a physical health exam. At the appointment, the doctor told me he felt something on my stomach, and it felt to him like a tumour. He wrote a referral for me to have an ultrasound and have it examined further. I later went to see my family doctor just for a confirmation, and he told me that he could also feel something, but thought it could possibly be a hernia.
I called Brother Tom Rae, and he and Brother John Andes prayed for me. Two days after their prayer I was feeling so much better, and there was hardly any pain.
But after several days the pain returned so strongly that I could hardly sleep. My husband kept encouraging me to believe and confess that I was already healed, but I was still in so much pain. I got to such a point of desperation, and I desired the Lord to do His mighty work on me. It wasn’t until I put on a tape of Brother Branham’s and heard him give a testimony of a sister that had a stomach condition and she wasn’t healed until after six weeks of believing. Right there, at that moment I said, “That’s it.”

I went to see my doctor last Friday and he told me that they didn’t find anything. But the most amazing part, is that he told me they could see water around my uterus, which showed that there was something there but it had ruptured. Praise the Lord!

Sister Rebecca Kayumbi
Cloverdale Bibleway
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