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Brother Benjamin & Sister Ranisha

Sister Ranisha’s Testimony:

I didn't really expect anything at camp except to have a good time. I had been praying for forgiveness so that I wouldn't feel condemned anymore about things that I did.

On Friday night, Brother Diggs started talking about forgiveness and that you can leave everything behind you right now, and keep going, and I knew I was forgiven. Later that night God really spoke to me, and I went up to the front. None of the ministers actually prayed with me but I knew I was different.

After the service, we were talking about the services in our cabin, and that Brother Diggs hadn’t talked about some things. Someone was also wondering if the ministry talked to the visiting ministers about people in our church. Saturday morning, Brother Tom Rae came and said that they never talked about us to the visiting ministers, and Brother Diggs talked about a controlling substance; both of the things we had talked about the night before. It was really amazing.

Saturday night, I was praying and I saw some of the people that I had been praying for being touched, and that was amazing to me too. I knew God was there and that He cared.

Brother Benjamin’s Testimony:

This year I went into camp probably the driest I've been in a long time. Coming up to the camp, I knew that I wasn't where I wanted or needed to be. I actually told God that if He didn't do something for me at this camp, there was a decent chance I could end up in a really big mess. Brother Diggs seemed to catch the anointing of what I needed personally, and his titles became my prayers for the camp, "Lord let me fall in love with You, give me Your mercy,” etc.

The entirety of camp seemed to be leading up to the Saturday night service where God's Presence fell. People I've never even seen sing in church were completely lost in the Presence of God! I know God did something special for me on all of the nights of the camp. My attitude throughout the whole thing was to drive down a stake, to never go back, and to make sure the Devil knew he couldn't just shove me around any longer, because as a born again Son of God, I have access to a whole lot more power than he has in his arsenal.

Despite the Devil's constant attacks on both my cabin and I (three of us got sick during the camp and one twisted a knee snowboarding), all of us were there to meet God, and that's what happened. Though there was a lot of emotion throughout the camp, that was not all it was for me. It was more of an impact by the Word that made a permanent change in my life.
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