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Testimonies From The Japanese Earthquake Pt-2

Testimony from Sister Kate:
Since the moment I believed in the Lord Jesus, I never have had any worry. I know God holds my life in His hands, He watches over me and takes care of me. I can live in peace and rest. This big earthquake brings to me a wonderful experience with the Lord.

I’m living and studying in the Tohoku University in Sendai, which is very close to the earthquake source. I was doing my experiment in the chemistry lab as usual on March 11, in the afternoon. When I felt the shake I thought it would stop soon. But it just went harder and harder, so I said to the rest of people in the room that I would go out to corridor. Three people also came out with me. Standing in the corridor, I first thought of God. I knelled down and prayed “O Lord, I surrender all to you. I don’t mind what is still coming...” The building was shaking so hard that I felt it could just collapse, but in my heart I didn’t fear of anything. I walked out of the building to a shelter when the quake stop.

When I looked back afterwards, I thanked the Lord for His keeping.

Normally, instead of being in the lab, I would be in another place for a rest about the time of earthquake. That resting room is farther away from the corridor than the lab and there isn’t any place to hide myself in that room. It was much more dangerous than the lab. Thank the Lord, He knows all things!

Later, I came to my flat. Except that the rice cooker fell and broke, there wasn’t anything else broken. The rice cooker was already a bit used-up. I had already planned to buy a new one. Thank the Lord that He reminds me of going buy a new one. Under that kind of strong quake that causes the house to collapse, my flat was just as clean and neat as it had been. Seeing all these things, I can’t explain my thanks to the Lord. He takes care of His people with His powerful hands.

After the earthquake, I didn’t expect to get out of Sendai. So I went back home and brought some food I had stored, as well as the Bible. Those people that were in the same shelter as me knew that I’m a Christian, and they asked me to tell them some Biblical stories. Since then I haven’t gone back to the flat, and the Bible is with me all the time.

There is another thing I also want to thank the Lord for. I had bought a lot of food, cooked and stored them in the fridge one week before the earthquake. Actually I had had enough food that week and needn’t buy that much. I wouldn’t prepare myself so much food for just one week. Thank the Lord that He lets me have such storage of food. With this storage, I didn’t t have any shortage in food when I was in the shelter. I could even keep sharing the food to my friend and comfort them.

Then under the guidance of the Lord, my friends and me took taxi, bus and then train to Gifu. Another sister and my cousin are living in that region. Several of us all got to know this End Time Message and Gospel of Jesus Christ from my aunt Grace Yang here.

Now when I look back, indeed, it’s the power of God. His amazing love and care. The location of my room (so close to the source), nothing fell in my room, the prepared food and the Bible I brought...Praise God!

Sister Kate
March 22, 2011

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