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What Can I Do?


• Sponsor a print station for Spain, for Brother Juan Amador in the city of Valencia.

• Toner Supply Kits for print station consumables

• Armenian Translator needed for formatting and proofing existing translations for the Message HUB
Message HUB

• Provision of the Message HUB website takes a monthly commitment and is made possible by the generous donations of burdened and faithful Believers from around the world.

• Toner Supply Kits at $125.00 each. Each Supply kit includes a toner cartridge, six bottles of toner, staples, cutter parts and cost includes shipping. Each kit will print approx. 2500 books.


• Monthly support of four Chinese translators and proof readers of the Message. Currently there are 450 of the 1,100 messages of Brother Branham available in the Chinese languages.

• Support for printing consumables and supply kits for China.

• Monthly support of five Vietnamese translators, proof readers. Currently there are 411 messages available in the Vietnamese language.

• Support for Philippine translations at $150 per book.

• We currently have over 200 Burmese translated messages that need to be formatted and added to the Message HUB.

• Sponsor a print station for Myanmar.

Middle East

• A need to format translated messages in the Turkish & Farsi languages.
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