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Brother Dan & Brother Kyle's Testimony

Brother Daniel’s Witnessing Testimony:

My testimony for this time of witnessing would have to be that I was so blessed just to be a part and to see how God was using us and guiding our footsteps to the right people. It was amazing to see how people received us. I saw the reactions and the effect of what we were doing really speaking to people. Some were closed off, and there were some who were quite open and wanted to hear more and even encouraged us to continue. It was also a great blessing just to be together with friends, taking time to spread the Gospel, and striving together to change even one person’s life.

Brother Kyle said something at the testimony service afterwards which really spoke to me. He said, “Your character is your message.” It was such a conviction in my own heart which stirred and burned in me as the day went on, that we have something that everyone in this world needs. What so many people are looking for, we have it! Walking around and trying to give others the chance to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, to help others attain eternal life is the best thing we could be doing with our time!

God bless you!
Dan F.

Brother Kyle’s Witnessing Testimony:

I believe witnessing in downtown Bellingham on Saturday went very well. The devil tried to attack us and discourage us in so many ways, but the Lord protected us and fought for us. On Friday, we had a prayer meeting where we sought the Lord for His guidance, wisdom, protection, and good weather. :) I believe He did all of these things and more. The first five minutes of standing on the street is the hardest, but after that, you get bold and confident. Really, you get like you are always supposed to be - it's just that the devil tries to oppress us, and suppress our expression of Jesus Christ on a daily basis. But I believe that by continually exercising our faith muscles (I Tim 4:7-8) we are getting stronger and stronger in the Lord. Praise God. And the new pocket books are great for handing out.

Kyle Morton

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