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Brother Timothy's Testimony

Brother Timothy’s Witnessing Testimony:

The Witnessing on May 14th was a very wonderful time and a great inspiration giving renewed passion to get the Message of Truth out to others less fortunate. It was great to see over 80 people join us for our sixth Witness Outreach!

It was our first in Washington since the Witnessing Booth at the Lynden Fair last year! I felt very comfortable in Fairhaven where myself along with about 25 to 30 believers were able to hand out the Truth of God and be lights amidst this dark and evil world! It was a great day and I was impacted by the zeal and courage of both sisters and brothers to give out books to those that they passed by!

I had an extremely interesting witness along with my fellow comrades Caleb Grunert and Gabriel Florent at a coffee shop. This witness started with us all sitting drinking coffee and I noticed a man reading a book he had received to his wife out loud. As we were leaving he called us over to ask us what we believed and from there we started a powerful witness for over 30 minutes. We went through many different things in the Bible, such as Serpent Seed, Baptism, and Prophets. At the end, as we were leaving I felt to tell give him some more books. I looked down, and what other titles would I have in my hand but Serpent Seed and Understanding Godhead. These two books I gave to the man and said, “I want you to read these books and compare every reference and quote to the Bible. If any part doesn’t line up with the Word you know that it’s false”. He agreed and said he was going to study these things along with his wife.

I feel God had ordained this meeting with this couple and I believe it’s God that will water the Seed. The confirmation was very quick as the next day Bro. Ed went through everything we had talked about. I told Gabriel after the service, “I hope that man was listening to the service, because that service was for him, if not for him it was a confirmation to me!”

I thank the Lord for keeping everyone safe throughout the day. The experience is wonderful and leaves you feeling that you have done something worthwhile. I encourage any who weren’t able to come to go next time!

Act 22:15 For thou shalt be his witness unto all men of what thou hast seen and heard.

Rom 8:16 The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:

These two scriptures are what I had in my heart, that I want to be a witness of the Word I have seen and heard and believe. I believe the Holy Spirit in a person can also be a powerful witness and the children of God are noticed by others. This causes a thirst to know more about what we were giving out…which is Eternal Life!

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