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Brother Ernie’s Witness Testimony

Brother Ernie’s Testimony:

I enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of the outreach ministry in downtown Bellingham on Saturday. The most unique experience I had was a conversation with a local Pastor who has a church in the downtown area. He has had previous contact with The Message and told me he has more of Brother Branham’s books than I do. We later found out that he had contact with Brother Ramon Martinez who attended his assembly and led songs there as he was trying to introduce The Message to him. This man’s name is Eric and I learned that he attended a service at our camp meeting at Mt. Baker. Things didn’t work out with Brother Ramon’s outreach to the pastor but one couple that attended his church is now attending Cloverdale Bibleway. He appeared to be upset that we were in what he called his circle of influence testifying of The Message of The Hour. I was able to discern that he did not look upon Brother Branham as a Prophet. When I shared this with him he was very evasive and became rattled and soon left. His comment was “we should stay in Canada”.

I know that the team that was in Bellingham fulfilling The Great Commission sowed many seeds, and those who we tried to share The Word with will re-live this encounter again at judgment day.

God Bless the spiritual warriors that spent their time and effort in an effort to build The Kingdom of God.

Brother Ernie
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