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Sister Brooks & Sister Victoria's Testimony

Sister Victoria’s Testimony:

We were witnessing near a bus stop when a lady walked up to me and asked why we wear skirts. I explained to her Deuteronomy 22:5 and she told me she was impressed that I knew so much about it, but really Brother Matthew Redel had just told us in Sunday school what to say if someone were to ask us “why.” She told me that she believed God loved her regardless if she wore pants or a skirt. She walked away, not letting me give her a book. About 20 minutes later she came back and told me she wanted a book to see what it was about. I don’t remember what message I gave her, but I hope she got something out of it and that it will bless her.

Brooke’s Experience in Richmond:

really enjoyed this witness and outreach in Richmond, Canada. This is one of my favorite experiences: my group was at an outdoor bus station, which was right in front of a sky train station. A lady was waiting for the bus while doing her hair. I didn’t give her a book because she was busy doing her hair but I felt that I should. She finished up with her hair and then the bus came and she was about to get on. So then I gave her a book before she got on the bus. She was looking at it as she got onto the bus, and turned around, smiled really big and said, “Thank you, thank you!”
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