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Jessica's Witness Testimony

As we got to the designated meeting place in Richmond, we all knew this was going to be a different day. It was pouring down rain and freezing. As I stood there in the rain, I looked around at the mall parking lot a little bit disappointed. There weren’t going to be very many people out on this rainy day, March 12th. Nonetheless we had our umbrellas in hand, ready to spread the Word.

Although we did get the Message into the hands of some, it seemed as though people weren’t interested. They didn’t seem as receptive as at previous witnessing trips. Maybe it had to do with the gloomy day. But throughout the day, the thought kept coming back to me that we have to have these days that seem to be not as successful, to be able to appreciate those days of amazing victory. If we always had days of triumph, they wouldn’t be as special to us. I believe that is what God was teaching me that day. The lesson was well learned, and I am now looking forward to victorious witness days ahead!

Jessica C.
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