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Chinatown Testimonies Pt-2

An Encounter With God’s Presence in Chinatown

Matt Desmet Witness Photo
The most memorable moment of the Chinatown witnessing event in January 2011 was not one of words, but of an encounter with God's presence. At the end of the day, a gentleman approached myself and some other brothers. He admitted as he approached that he denied all authority over him. He had gone through all the major religions of the world and chosen what he wanted out of each. He was very bound up in confusion. It became evident as we talked that he was very convinced in his ways.

Near the end of our conversation, he began to walk towards the group of believers gathered in the courtyard who were rejoicing and singing. As he walked by the group, he actually stopped and his countenance changed dramatically. I sincerely believe as we got close enough to the group, that the presence of the Lord increased enough to stop him in his walk. He paused and took note of the group. He did not change his opinion, but I firmly believe that moment of being closer to the presence of God made a dramatic impact on him. More so than any words we spoke to him that day.

He did take a book from us and said he would read it. I believe that if he does read it, it will be the witness of the presence of the Lord that will drive him to finish the book and seriously consider what he encountered that day.

Brother Matt

The Witnessing Gates Were Wide Open

Witnessing on January 22, 2011 in Chinatown, Richmond, BC, was a joyous time, for the field was ripe for harvest and the workers were many. When Brother Abe started playing his guitar and harmonica and singing the atmosphere for witnessing had a quickening power, and the Lord Jesus Christ was glorified in a wonderful way. We reached out to everyone we could.
From a distance I saw an elderly Chinese man sitting on the edge of the sidewalk. With a Rapture book in hand I approached the man to offer him the book. With each step I took the man shook his head and said, “No.” I usually don’t push the message books on people; after two or three rejections from a potential recipient, I back off. This Chinese man drew me to him, and my love for the Truth and my love for this Chinese man propelled me forward. I handed him the message, ‘The Rapture.’ The man accepted the book and began to read it.

Sister Laurie
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